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郑州光子嫩肤手术多少钱河南吸脂减肥多少钱周口市中心医院去疤多少钱 Anantara Resorts, one of the world most expensive resort chains, has debuted some of the world costliest coffee at its Maldives properties. Just one thing though: The coffee beans are harvested from elephant dung.安纳塔拉度假村是世界上最昂贵的连锁酒店之一,它旗下位于马尔代夫的度假村现在推出世上最贵的咖啡但最关键的是:这个咖啡豆产自大象的粪便The coffee is also offered at Anantara Golden Triangle property in Thailand.这款咖啡也在泰国的安纳塔拉金三角度假村销售The coffee beans, called Black Ivory and priced at ,0 per kilogram, are digested by an elephant bee you drink it. There are only 50 kilograms, or about 1 pounds, currently sale.这种名为“黑色象牙”的咖啡豆每公斤售价10美元,在你喝进肚子里之前曾经过大象消化现在可供出售的咖啡豆仅50公斤(大约1磅)According to the resort, Black Ivory coffee beans are ;naturally refined; by Thai elephants. Research indicates that during digestion, the enzymes of the elephant break down coffee protein, according to the resort. Protein is one of the factors responsible bitterness in coffee: less protein, less bitterness.据度假村介绍,“黑色象牙”咖啡豆是经泰国大象“自然提炼”出来的他们说已经过研究明,经过消化,大象体内的酶可以分解咖啡蛋白而这种蛋白则是造成咖啡苦涩的一个因素:蛋白质越少,苦味越淡The coffee is ground by hand and brewed table side in a four-minute process. The fragrance is said to be floral and chocolate and the taste ;milk chocolate, nutty, earthy with hints of spice and red berries.;咖啡由手工研磨,再在桌边经过分钟的煮咖啡过程就完成了据了解,这款咖啡具有花香与巧克力的混合香气,还有丰富口感:“牛奶巧克力、坚果、以及红浆果和少许香料的芳香”Thai Arabica beans are picked from an altitude of 00 meters (about 5000 feet) and fed to the elephants. ;Once deposited by the elephants, the individual beans are handpicked by mahouts (elephant trainer and care giver) and their wives and sun dried.;这种咖啡豆采自生长在海拔00米处(约5000英尺)的阿拉比卡咖啡树,然后喂给大象“一经大象消化,由象夫(训练并照顾大象的人)精心挑选每一颗咖啡豆,然后再由他们的妻子晒干咖啡豆Refinement of the coffee takes place at the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation, an elephant conservation program. According to the resort, 8 percent of sales will fund an elephant veterinarian specialist to provide free care to the animals. Additional funds will be used to provide medicine and a new laboratory.咖啡豆的提纯由金三角州象基金会负责,这是大象保育计划的一部分据度假村介绍,8%的销售额会用于持大象兽医专家为大象提供免费医疗额外资金也会用于药品研发和建立新实验室Black Ivory isnt the first coffee in the world to come out of animal dung. Civet coffee, priced at several hundred dollars per pound, is harvested from the civet cats of Southeast Asia excrement.“黑色象牙”并非世界上最早的一款动物粪便咖啡果子狸咖啡(俗称“猫屎咖啡”)每磅售价几百美元,也是产自东南亚果子狸的粪便 1865China media regulator has issued a directive limiting imported TV shows and remakes, aiming to promote domestic originality.中国媒体监管机构(国家新闻出版广电总局)近日发布指令,限制引进电视节目及翻拍节目,旨在推动本土原创With authorized remakes of eign TV reality shows gaining popularity in China, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television ordered that all television stations must stop airing unapproved programs that are based on overseas mats starting July 1.随着海外电视真人秀的授权翻拍节目在我国越来越流行,国家广播电影电视总局要求,7月1日起,所有电视台必须停止播放未经审批的引进境外版权模式节目The administration said in a statement that it will require all TV groups to submit imported shows content review two months bee broadcast. Only those that are approved can be aired on national channels.广电总局在一份声明中称,将要求所有电视集团播出引进节目前,提前两个月提交有关部门进行内容审核只有通过审批的引进节目才可以在全国性频道播放The licensing of TV programs, concepts and branding created overseas-mostly shows from Europe and South Korea-has been a growing trend in China since .自年以来,电视节目的版权,概念和品牌由海外国家打造--其中大多来自欧洲和韩国--这一趋势日渐盛行Adapted versions of eign shows, such as the Running Man and The Voice of China, imported from the Netherlands, have gained massive audiences as well as advertising revenues, thus inspiring more Chinese television groups to buy eign material.根据外国节目进行改编,比如《奔跑吧兄弟和从荷兰引入的《中国好声音,获得了大量的观众和广告收入,从而刺激更多的中国电视集团购买国外的素材Under the regulation, a satellite channel can air no more than two imported or eign-adapted TV reality series during prime time between 7:30 pm and :30 pm annually.根据规定,上星综合频道每年在19:30-:30的黄金时段播出的引进真人秀或引进境外版权模式真人秀不得超过两档 5郑州省人民医院祛疤价钱费用

河南注射丰太阳穴手术多少钱许昌市自体脂肪填充多少钱 People are reflected in water as they cross a bridge in a park on a sunny autumn day in Moscow, Oct. . (Maxim ShemetovReuters)图为年月日,莫斯科某处,一个阳光明媚的日子,人们在公园的小桥上踱着步子,而水面映衬着行人的倒影郑州中心医院做隆胸手术多少钱

河南全身吸脂减肥医院all the talk of China’s economic problems — and mounting evidence of a slowing consumer sector — the box office is booming. 尽管大家都在谈论中国的经济问题——以及越来越多的消费部门放缓的据——但中国的电影票房正呈现火爆之势 Hits such as Stephen Chow’s The Mermaid saw the country’s box office take in February surpass that of the North American market the first month on record, putting China on track to become the world’s biggest box office as soon as . 周星驰(Stephen Chow)导演的《美人鱼(The Mermaid)等卖座影片使中国月份票房收入自有记录以来首次超过北美市场,中国有望最早于年成为世界上最大票房市场 February’s record haul of Rmb6.9bn (.bn) was inflated by the week-long Chinese new year holiday, when some other entertainment venues tend to close. 为期一周的中国春节假期(其间一些其他的场所往往停业)带动了月创纪录的69亿元人民币(合.6亿美元)的票房收入 FT Confidential Research, a Financial Times research service, ecasts ’s total box office may grow 30 per cent to Rmb55bn, following ’s 8 per cent increase. 英国《金融时报旗下研究务部门《投资参考(FT Confidential Research)预计,继年增长8%之后,年中国票房总收入可能增长30%,至550亿元人民币 Comparisons with the popularity of cinema in the US during the Great Depression are fatuous. Rather than reflecting the need escape from harsh economic reality, the growth of the Chinese box office is a product of rising incomes and the expanding leisure pursuits of an urban consuming class. Besides, US cinema attendance actually dropped between 199 and 19, despite hefty admissions price cuts. 拿中国火爆的票房与美国大萧条(Great Depression)时期的电影风靡进行比较是愚蠢的中国电影票房增长是城市消费阶层收入不断提升以及休闲需求不断扩大的结果,而非反映人们逃避严酷经济现实的需要此外,199年至19年间,美国的观影人数实际上出现了下滑——尽管票价大幅下降 Barring economic calamity, FT Confidential Research expects the box office boom to continue, even ing reported fiddling of audience figures by distributors. Our survey of 1,000 households across China found robust appetite the movies, and a willingness to spend more on going to the cinema in the coming months. 除非出现经济灾难,《投资参考预计,中国的票房火爆现象将延续下去,即便考虑到有报道称发行方对观影人数造假我们对中国各地00个家庭的调查发现,中国民众对电影的需求强烈,而且愿意在未来几个月花更多钱去看电影 This trend is being driven by disposable incomes, which have grown in urban areas at a compound annual growth rate of about per cent over the past five years. It is helped along by the aggressive build-out of screens across all city tiers. 中国人的可配收入水平推动了这一趋势过去5年,城市居民可配收入的年均复合增长率为%左右中国各线城市电影屏幕的快速增加也带动了这一趋势 FTCR’s proprietary survey of urban residents found respondents made an average visits to the cinema over the past months. In the total population, Chinese people made 1. visits to the movies per person, according to the National Bureau of Statistics; the equivalent the US and Canada combined was 3.7 in , according to the Motion Picture Association of America. 《投资参考对中国城市居民所做的专项调查发现,过去个月,受访者到影院观影次数为人均次中国国家统计局的数据显示,总人口算,中国民众到影院观影的次数为人均1.次;而根据美国电影协会(Motion Picture Association of America)数据,年,美国与加拿大合计人均到影院观影次数为3.7次 Chinese movie-goers spend an average Rmb65 at the cinema, including Rmb35 on the ticket itself. 中国电影观众在影院的平均出为65元人民币,其中包括35元人民币的票价 Respondents told FTCR that they would be willing to increase their per-visit spend by as much as 5 per cent in the coming months, implying a greater appetite to buy the heavily-marked-up popcorn and soft drinks that are the hallmarks of cinema-going in more developed markets. 受访者对《投资参考表示,他们愿意在未来个月将单次观影消费增加多达5%,这意味着他们将购买更多价格不菲的爆米花和软饮料,这些都是更发达市场看电影时的标配 Reports of “ghost screenings” — screenings through the night in empty cinemas to inflate the reported box office take — have circulated months, and the government may finally be taking action. Industry insiders acknowledge these fraudulent activities, and that some of the reported audiences simply don’t exist. But they also say the sheer size of China’s box office, with its extraordinary growth rates, is very real. 关于“幽灵场次”——在没有观众的电影院彻夜放映电影以虚增票房收入——的报道已经发酵了数月,政府最终可能会采取行动业内人士承认存在这些欺骗性活动,一些所谓的观众其实根本不存在但是他们也表示,增速惊人的中国票房规模千真万确 86 河南中医学院第一附属医院做红色胎记手术多少钱河南省郑州华山整形医院激光去烫伤的疤价钱费用



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