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The morning is extremely important.It is the foundation from which the day is built.How you choose to spend your morning can be used to predict what kind of day you are going to have, and thus, what kind of life you are going to live.早晨尤为重要。一天之本在于晨。你选择如何度过早晨的时光,将会决定一整天如何度过。也将决定你一生将要如何度过。1.They wake up with a sense of gratitude.1.他们醒来时心中充满感恩。In other words, they start the day with love in their hearts and minds, and are truly appreciative of their life and all of its priceless idiosyncrasies.They practice small acts of gratitude in the morning by expressing thankfulness directly to the people they care about, and to the immediate circumstances (health, opportunities, etc.) they could so easily take for granted.换句话说,他们心中充满爱来开始新的一天,并真正去感恩生命中的所有。早上他们会抓住任何机会来向他们在意的人表示感激,也会对看似理所应得的外部环境(健康,机遇等)心怀感恩。2.They begin anew.2.每天都是新的一天。They know it#39;s a brand new day to start over and do something different.Yesterday may have been a complete bummer for them, but today is a new day for learning, success and adventure.Realize this.Live now.Not before.Not later.Just NOW - in the moment you#39;re in.他们知道每天都是新的一天,每天都会做一些不同的事情。昨天可能充满挫折感,但今天又是新的一天,是学习,成功,挑战的一天。要意识到这些。活在当下。不是未来,而是现在-你生活的现在。3.They use self-inquiry to affirm a purposeful start to the day.3.他们会自我探寻如何度过一个有目的的早上。Here are three questions I often ask myself:这些是我经常问自己的问题。What would I like to remember about today?我今天想要记住的是什么?How will I sincerely honor my own desires and truth today?我今天如何去真诚地尊重自己的需求和真理?What can I do to make a positive difference in the lives around me today?我能做些什么积极的事情才能使今天与众不同?4.They something positive.4.他们读一些充满正能量的书。Some happy people a bit of scripture each morning, while others inspiring books, articles or es to get their day started.Either way, they have a ritual to some form of self-improvement literature to stretch and grow their insight and knowledge.It#39;s starts their day off on a positive note with positive, productive ideas to guide their day#39;s journey.一些快乐的人每天早晨读经文,另外一些人读励志书籍、文章或名人名言来开始新的一天。无论哪种方式,他们通过读一些自我提高的文学书籍来拓展自己的眼界。他们用积极乐观,富有成效的思想来指导他们一天的旅程。5.They follow an effective morning routine.5.他们遵循有效的早上常规。There are two simple ways to do this:有两种简单方式可以做到:First, make your big morning decisions the night before: what to eat for breakfast, what clothes to wear, what you need to take to work, etc.首先,前一晚就决定第二天早上要做的事情:早饭吃什么,穿什么衣,带什么去工作等等。Second, build a simple routine for as much of your daily morning tasks as possible.其次,对自己每天早上要做的事情做一个简单的常规。6.They give themselves enough time to eat a wholesome breakfast.6.他们会预留足够时间来吃早餐。You can#39;t possibly have a happy, healthy day if you feed your body garbage first thing in the morning.Your body is a temple.You are what you eat.So do not eat processed food, fast food, and all the filth the big processed food companies try to pass off as ;healthy.;如果早上吃不好,那你就不能度过快乐,健康的一天。你的身体就像一个宝塔。吃什么,你就变成什么。所以不要吃腌制食品,快餐,以及所有被一些公司标明;健康;的深加工食品。7.They move on gracefully to what#39;s most important.7.他们优雅地向目标前进。As human beings, we are goal oriented.We like making progress.When we accomplish one of our goals, we smile about it.That#39;s why the happiest people I know are also some of the most successful people I know.作为人类,我们都有目标。我们乐于进步。当我们完成某一目标时,我们会很欣慰。这就是为什么我知道的某些最开心的人却是最成功的人。译文属 /201707/516404

You Will Need你会需要:An eye for colorKnowledge of handbag stylesA budget 挑选颜色的眼力对包包的了解合理的预算Steps步骤Step 1 Pick the right sizePick the right size handbag for your outfit. Large handbags go with casual outfits, while small clutches are suited for eveningwear.选对尺寸选择合适大小的包。大包最配休闲装,小的手包最搭晚礼。Step 2 Choose the correct colorChoose a color-coordinating handbag rather than a perfectly matching one. If you#39;re wearing a multi-colored outfit, a single-colored bag is best, and vice versa. If you#39;rewearing all one color, choose a bright bag for a pop of contrast.Tip: Black is ideal for an outfit with a bright, printed pattern. 选对颜色选择百搭的颜色比选择只搭配特定衣的颜色好。如果你穿得颜色丰富,配一款单色的包包是最好的,反之亦然。如果你总是穿单色的衣,选一款闪亮的包就能够形成对比,而这样是最流行的。小贴士:黑色配闪亮或印花的衣最棒。Step 3 Match the materialMatch the material of the bag to your outfit. Pair light, summery clothing with a straw bag or tote and pair evening attire with heavier metallic or crystal-covered bags.Leather is the most versatile bag material. 选对材质选择合适的材质的包。亮色的夏日着装要配上藤制包最好,晚装可配金属或镶钻手提包。皮包是最常见,也是最百搭的材质。Step 4 Consider the formConsider the form and shape of the bag. A hobo or messenger bag will complement casual, weekend dress while a tailored bag is better suited to business attire.选对形状考虑好包的内袋结构和外形。腰包和斜挎包看上去很休闲最搭休闲装,定制包最配职业装。Step 5 Set your budgetSet a budget for your bag. Handbags can range from lifetime investment pieces to trendy disposables, so consider the importance of the event and how often you#39;ll be using thebag.Fact: The Hermes Birkin bag – named after model and singer Jane Birkin – starts at ,000. 想好预算为你的包包做个预算。你的包包可以有使用一生的精品,也可以有时髦的一次性消费,因此,考虑下场合的重要性和你使用它的频率。小知识:爱马仕柏金包——根据材质和歌手Jane Birkin的名字命名——售价7千美金。 Article/201208/194114



  Planning to grow a vegetable garden this year? How about adding some delicious sweet corn! Linsey Evans, a gardening expert,shows you how to plant, care for, grow, and pick your own sweet corn.今年准备打理菜园?为何不增加一些美味的甜玉米呢?园艺专家Linsey Evans向你展示种植及收获甜玉米的全过程。Sweet corn needs a lot of room, a lot of attention, and it needs heat. It likes a fertile soil with good drainage, and absolutely hates clay. You need to grow corn in full sun, with shelter from strong winds.甜玉米需要许多空间,护理和热量,喜欢排水条件良好的肥沃土壤,非常不适宜在粘土中种植。你需要将玉米种植在阳光充沛,遮蔽强风的地方。Sweet corn is wind pollinated, and needs to be grown in a block. The block needs to be at least 1.2 meters, or four foot square.甜玉米是自花授粉的,需要成片种植。种植宽度至少1.2米,或者4平方英尺。Prepare the bed in the autumn, and add lots of manure. You can sow corn directly into the ground, but I sow mine in three-inch pots indoors around about March. When the plants are large enough, I transfer them to the green house, then I gradually harden them off, which means acclimatising them to outdoor conditions before planting them out in their final bed.在秋季对土壤进行处理,添加大量肥料。可以直接在土壤中播种,不过我是大约三月份先在室内的花盆中育苗的。当植株足够大的时候移栽到温室中,然后逐渐降低温度,让它们适应室外的环境,最后移栽到菜园的土壤中。Before planting the sweet corn plants, add a little bit of general purpose fertilizer to the bed and just rake it in. Plant each plant 35 centimeters apart, and plant the rows 65 centimeters apart to form a block. Sweet corn needs lots of nutrition.移栽甜玉米植株之前,添加一些常用肥料,耙入土壤中。株距保持在35厘米,行距保持在65厘米。甜玉米需要许多营养。So adding manure, and chicken pellets to the border is a really good idea. When the plant starts to grow, mound the soil up around the base of each plant to support the stalks as they grow. Sweet corn needs loads of water, so keep the plant well watered, but avoid getting water onto the tassels, as these are the parts of the plant that carry the pollen.所以,向边缘添加一些有机肥是不错的主意。当植株开始生长的时候,将土壤堆到每棵植株根部。甜玉米需要很多水,所以要经常浇水,但是不要把水浇到花穗上,因为花穗携带花粉。Harvest the corn cobs when the kernels are soft and plump, and when you stick your finger into them, the liquid that comes out should be milky in color. If it#39;s clear, the corns not quite y, leave it another couple of weeks. There is nothing as tasty as a freshly picked sweet corn.当玉米粒比较柔软丰满的时候收获玉米棒,手指掐一下,流出的液体颜色应该和牛奶一样。如果是透明的,说明玉米还没有长好,再等两个星期。没有什么比新摘的甜玉米更加美味的了。They may be a little tricky to grow, and require a lot of attention, but it#39;s really well worth it. Good luck!甜玉米的种植或许有点麻烦,也需要精心照料,但这是值得的。祝你好运!Thanks for watching How To Grow Corn.感谢收看“怎样种植甜玉米”视频节目。 Article/201301/219819

  演讲简介:女高音歌唱家克莱伦·麦克法登在表演了约翰·凯奇所作的极富挑战性的lt;lt;咏叹调gt;gt;时,邀请我们一起探索呼吸和歌唱的奥妙,指出“人类之声:神秘,天籁,本真”。 Article/201210/205391Learn a basic knitting technique from a professional and be well on your way to creating wonderful blankets, clothes and more in no time.专家将会教你基本的编织技法, 在任何时候你都可以用自己的方式编织创造绝好的毯子,衣和更多的。 Article/201205/180454

  At first glance, you might think she#39;s a young student. But in real life, Lure Hsu is welcoming her 42nd birthday.乍一看,你可能认为她是一名年轻的学生。但现实生活中,许路儿即将迎来自己的42岁生日。Fashionable Lure, from Taiwan, is the latest internet star who has stunned thousands of people with her incredibly youthful appearance.来自台湾的时尚女孩许路儿是最近走红网络的明星,她以其惊人的年轻容貌惊呆了数千人。She said her top secrets are drinking a lot of water and eating a lot of vegetables.她表示,自己的最大秘笈就是多喝水,多吃蔬菜。Lure, who is said to be an interior designer, was first noticed by the public because of her younger sister Sharon Hsu.据悉,许路儿是一名室内设计师,首次受到公众关注是因为她的许维恩。Sharon, 35, is an actress. She invited Lure to attend an entertainment show with her in 2015.现年35岁的许维恩是一名演员。2015年,她邀请许路儿共同参与了一档节目。In August of the same year, Sharon shared a post on Facebook to celebrate Lure#39;s 40th birthday. Her fans were shocked to discover Lure#39;s real age.同年8月,许维恩在脸书上分享了祝许路儿40岁生日快乐的帖子。其粉丝得知许路儿的真实年龄后惊呆了。They said that because of her wrinkle-free face and preppy style, she looked like a teenage girl.他们表示,许路儿的脸上一点皱纹都看不到,满满的学院风,看起来就像一个十几岁的女孩。Lure quickly shot to fame on social media. Tens of thousands of people went to check her social media accounts. Lure#39;s Instagram account amassed 230,000 followers while her Facebook account is liked by more than 341,000 people.随后,许路儿迅速走红社交媒体。成千上万的人去查找她的社交媒体帐号。她的Instagram帐号目前已拥有23万名粉丝,而Facebook帐户则有超过34.1万人点赞。This weeks, Lure#39;s pictures were again widely shared by media in China and Taiwan, such as Sohu and ET Today, which called her #39;the goddess with a frozen age#39;.最近几周,包括搜狐和东森新闻云在内的中国及台湾媒体,广泛分享了许路儿的照片,并称她为“冻龄女神”。Journalists raved over her smooth skin, trimmed body and impeccable complexion. Her fans onWeibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter, rose to over 340,000.记者们大赞她皮肤光滑、身材苗条、肤色皙白。其微(相当于中国版的推特)的粉丝量激增至超过34万。Lure recommended women to moisturise their skin every day because #39;once your skin has enough water, you don#39;t even need to worry about aging and wrinkles#39;.许路儿建议女性每天要滋润自己的肌肤,因为“一旦你的皮肤有足够的水分,你甚至无须担心老化和皱纹。” /201707/516981一场不期而遇的降雨将李娜的状态“浇灭”。6月27日,继去年温网之后,中国金花再度止步该项赛事第二轮。3比6、4比6,面对此前两度战胜过的罗马尼亚人科斯蒂亚,李娜全场被动,而她也用这样一个令人“惊异”的比分完成了自己在本届温网的征程。Chinese tennis star Li Na is making an early exit from the Wimbledon championships. Her Grand Slam slump continued with a 6-3, 6-4 second round defeat to unseeded Romanian Sorana Cirstea.The 11th seeded Li became the first Asian player to win a Grand Slam at the 2011 French Open. But since then, she has failed to get past the fourth round of any of the big four tournaments.Elsewhere compatriot Peng Shuai piled on the misery for Japan by downing Ayumi Morita as Tatsuma Ito and veteran Kimiko Date-Krumm also went crashing out.The 2011 U-S Open champion Stosur suffered a 6-2, 0-6, 6-4 second round beating from Dutch player Arantxa Rus. The Australian lost six games in a row to surrender the first set before turning around and winning six straight to force the match into a decider.But that#39;s as far as Stosur would go, she#39;s out early at Wimbledon. Seventh seed Caroline Wozniacki took on Austrian Tamira Paszek in a first round match that started on Tuesday and was stopped again by rain on Wednesday. Paszek served for the match at 5-3 in the decider.Wozniacki survived with a service break, only to drop her serve in the next game. The world number 37 Paszek wins it, 5-7, 7-6, 6-4. Kim Clijsters eased into the third round with a win over Andrea Hlavackova of the Czech Republic 6-3, 6-3. Clijsters never faced a break point and broke her opponent#39;s serve three times, including one in the final game.On the men#39;s side, Roger Federer was the star on Centre Court on Wednesday. He moved into the Wimbledon third round with an easy 6-1, 6-3, 6-2 win over Italy#39;s Fabio Fognini.Andy Roddick advanced to the second round with an efficient 7-6, 6-4, 7-5 victory over British wildcard Jamie Baker. The players returned to the court on Wednesday to complete another match stopped by rain.Novak Djokovic eased into the third round with a routine 6-4, 6-4, 6-4 triumph over American Ryan Harrison under the closed roof of the Centre Court. Article/201206/188584



  紧张分裂的气氛会威胁并阻碍现代政治进程。伊丽莎白·莱瑟发掘出制造这种紧张气氛的人性两方面,并将它们分别称为“神秘者”和“战士”。她也分享了一个简单亲切的方法来展开一段实质性的对话——与跟你观点相左的人共进午餐,并通过询问他们三个问题来发现他们心里真正的想法。 Article/201206/187638

  At a glance概览Serves: 4份数:4Preparation Time: 15 minutes; Cooking Time: 30 minutes; Total Time: 45 minutes准备15分钟,烹饪30分钟,总计:45分钟。Oven Temperature: 150° c - 300° f烤箱温度:150摄氏度,或者300华氏度You Will Need所需材料:#8226;250 g white sugar250克白糖#8226;200 g plain white flour250克淀粉#8226;120 g butter120克黄油#8226;1 clove or cinnamon stick1根丁香或者肉桂棒#8226;4 large cooking apples4只苹果#8226;1 wooden spoon木勺#8226;1 pan with lid带盖平底锅#8226;1 bowl1只碗#8226;1 shallow oven proof serving dish1只浅盘Step 1: Peel the apples1.苹果削皮Firstly, peel and core the apples and roughly dice them into chunks.第一步给苹果削皮,然后切成块。Step 2: Cook the apples2.烹饪苹果Put the apple chunks into a pan, add three quarters of the sugar, the cinnamon stick or clove and cover.把苹果块放在平底锅中,加入3/4的糖,肉桂,然后盖上锅盖。Step 3: Stew the apples3.炖苹果Allow to stew gently for half an hour, stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon. Keep checking as they can easily burn at the beginning.炖半小时,间或用木勺搅拌一番,要时常查看因为前期苹果容易烧糊。Step 4: Check the apples4.查看苹果Check that the fruit is cooked by mashing it a bit with the wooden spoon. The apples should be soft but not puréed.用木勺检验苹果是否烂熟,苹果应该是软而不烂的。Step 5: Allow to cool5.冷却Put the apples into the serving dish and allow to cool.把苹果放在盘子里,然后慢慢冷却。Step 6: Make the crumble6.制作酥皮苹果点心Mix the white flour, remaining sugar and the butter with your fingers in a bowl until it becomes like a bcrumb consistency.把淀粉,剩余白糖和黄油一起放入碗中,用手和面,直到成面包面点状。Step 7: Preheat the oven7.烤箱预热Set the temperature of the oven to 150ordm;C (300ordm;F/ gas mark 2).把烤箱温度设置到150摄氏度(华氏300度)。Step 8: Add the crumble topping8.用面点装饰Cover the stewed apples with the crumble topping, without pressing down.把面点放在苹果上,但不要大力压上去。Step 9: Cook the apple crumble9.烤Bake for approximately 30 minutes or until the crumble is golden brown and crunchy.烘烤30分钟左右,或者直到苹果上的面点变成松脆的金黄色。Step 10: Serve10.享用Spoon a helping of apple crumble into a dish and serve with cream or ice cream.用勺子取一份苹果酥,装进盘子,然后加上奶油或者冰激凌配食。Thanks for watching How To Make Apple Crumble谢谢收看本期“制作苹果酥”节目。 Article/201208/196720

  How To Make Your Girlfriend's Parents Like You on HowcastStep 1: Find out about themFind out as much as you can about her parents. Are they ultra-conservative? Aging hippies? Avid travelers? Obsessed golfers?第一步:查找女友父母的信息尽可能查找女友父母的信息。他们过于保守吗?还是上了年纪的嬉皮士?是热心的旅行者还是爱好高尔夫的人?Tip:Knowing a bit about them will help you decide how to dress and which way to steer the conversation.小贴士:知道关于他们的一些信息会帮你决定如何打扮自己以及用什么方式来控制对话。Step 2: Get haircut amp; clean nailsGet a haircut—even if it’s just a trim—and clean your fingernails. This tells her parents that you think enough of their daughter to make an effort.第二步:理发或修剪指甲理个发——即使理发只是修饰——修剪指甲。这会让女友的父母知道你很看重他们的女儿而且为之奋斗。Step 3: Ask girlfriend what to wearAsk your girlfriend’s advice on what you should wear—and then take it. If you have any doubt, go for pants and a button-down or collared shirt.第三步:询问女友穿什么询问女友你应该穿什么——并且照做。如果你拿不定主意,穿长裤和有衣领扣的衬衫或是有领衬衫。Step 4: Bring a giftBring a gift. A bouquet of flowers or a bottle of wine are usually appropriate.第四步:带份礼物。带份礼物。带一束鲜花或是一瓶酒通常都是合适的。Tip:If you bring flowers, include an inexpensive vase so your hosts don’t have to scramble around for one.小贴士;如果你买鲜花,要记得带一个不贵的花瓶,以免主人四处寻找花瓶。Step 5: Introduce yourselfWhen you’re introduced, smile, look her parents directly in the eyes, and extend your hand. Nothing says “I can take care of your daughter” better than a firm handshake.第五步:介绍你自己当介绍你时,要微笑并直视她的父母,并主动伸手去握手。什么也比上有力的握手更能说明“我能照顾好你的女儿”。Step 6: Ask lots of questionsAsk lots of questions; people love to talk about themselves.Score extra points by asking what your girlfriend was like as a child.第六步:多问问题多问问题:人们喜欢谈论自己。询问女友小时候是什么样的也是很多的办法。Step 7: Use etiquetteRemember those little etiquette rules your mom used to nag you about? Use them! Hold doors open, pull out the ladies’ chairs, and stand up anytime a woman enters or leaves the room.第七步:注重礼节记得你妈妈经常告诉你的那些细微的礼节吗?一定要照做。为他人开门,为女士拖椅子,当有女士进入或离开时要站起来。Step 8: Be preparedBe prepared to answer lots of probing questions about your background and life goals. Grin and bear it.第八步:要有准备。准备好回答关于你的背景和生活目标等棘手的问题。要微笑并能容忍。Step 9: Say thank youWhen you leave, thank her parents for the evening. Single out something to make it sound sincere, such as, “Thanks so much for dinner. That pot roast was really delicious.”第九步:表达感谢当你离开时,要感谢女友父母对你的款待。注意措辞让你的话语听起来更加诚恳,比如:“多谢你们的款待。炖肉很好吃。” Article/201010/115546

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