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浙江嘉兴曙光医院割双眼皮多少钱嘉兴公立整容浙江嘉兴去斑费用 In a 2005 piece in the Times, Jon Pareles called the British rock group Coldplay “the most insufferable band of the decade,” and he placed the blame on the band’s front man and singer, Chris Martin, whom he called a “passive-aggressive blowhard.” Earlier this year, in a study sponsored by the hotel chain Travelodge of the bedtime habits of 2,248 people in the U.K., Coldplay topped a poll of music choices that would help people fall asleep. Coldplay apparently relieves what Travelodge called the “pressures of modern living.” Martin may use the same metric to judge his band’s music. On coldplay.com, you can find a handwritten note, dated “Thursday 12 June London,” that addresses the recent release of the band’s fourth studio album, “Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends.” “I feel very relieved that the album is finally released out into the big wide world today,” it says. “I hope there’s songs on there that will make a shit day slightly less shit, or a good day even better.” The album sold more than seven hundred thousand copies in the first week of its release in the ed States. (Since the group’s début album, “Parachutes,” was released, in 2000, news items about the troubled entertainment conglomerate EMI routinely correlate the health of the corporation with the health of Coldplay.)Is Coldplay warm milk or just quietly dependable? Don’t ask Martin, who has transformed the English art of diffidence into a masochistic religion: “We owe them a career, really,” he has said of Radiohead. He has also said, “Like millions of people in the world, I can’t listen to Coldplay.” He’s half right about Radiohead—Coldplay exhibits a taste for melancholy and smeared, stretched-out sounds that leads straight back to Thom Yorke and his friends. The main antecedent is U2, who invented the form that Coldplay works within: rock that respects the sea change of punk but still wants to be as chest-thumping and anthemic as the music of the seventies stadium gods. Translated, this means short pop songs that somehow summon utterly titanic emotions and require you to skip around in triumphant circles and pump your fist, even if it is not entirely clear what you are singing about.The link to U2 has been made explicit on “Viva la Vida,” which was co-produced by Brian Eno, the man who moved U2 from a feisty, soccer-chant style into the expansive and hypnotic sound that has defined the rest of their career. The problem is that Coldplay doesn’t seem to have unplumbed depths, or a voice as distinctive as either Bono’s or the Edge’s, whose guitar is U2’s second vocalist. The guys in Coldplay are a sweet bunch, and their best songs are modest affairs. “Yellow” was the track that made them famous eight years ago. There’s some guitar work that echoes the Edge’s—chiming, small chords played high on the neck and repeated, over and over, pushing the song away from the divisions of song form and closer to the ecstasy of the drone (when it works)—but the core of the song is Martin serenading someone with the oldest trick in the book: “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you, and all the things that you do.” It’s a big fat “Aw!,” and it gets me every time.“Yellow” is one of Martin’s few straightforward lyrics. For the band’s second album, Martin started singing in free-floating slogans. “Am I part of the cure? Or am I part of the disease?” is a line from “Clocks,” perhaps the group’s loveliest song. The music evokes the song’s name, revolving around three circling and falling piano arpeggios. The payoff comes when Martin stretches out the words “you are” in a falsetto sung over the piano figure. You are what? Go figure, and I haven’t the slightest idea what is going on with the “tides” and the “clocks” in the lyrics. Doesn’t matter. “Clocks” is a big-budget “Ooh!” with lots of pretty lights—it works. At the end of the song, Martin repeatedly sings, “Home, home, where I wanted to go.” There’s the only part you need take note of—an essentially conservative sentiment, and probably a comfort zone for a guy who grew up thinking he wasn’t particularly cool and lost his virginity at the age of twenty-two.I’ve always wanted to like Coldplay for just that attribute. They’re a band of nice young lads being rewarded for niceness. But on the band’s third album, “Xamp;Y,” a need to Signify Something began to overwhelm the charm. The little bouquet of roses on the doorstep became an oversized vessel filled with cloying, synthetic gas.The title track of “Viva la Vida”—also known as the “iPod song,” because it is used in an Apple ad—is easily the best thing about the album. Don’t go to the lyrics for any cues; it is entirely obscure why such a jaunty, upbeat song would be referencing “Roman cavalry choirs” or revolutionaries or St. Peter. Martin is the king? Was the king? Whatevs. Coldplay knows how to build a song that draws you in with easy, karaoke-y moves. I spent a weekend hearing an eight-year-old and an eleven-year-old sing the song (fighting about the lyrics, and sometimes rewriting them), and I never tired of the melody. After that, though, you are on your own. There are Eno touches that catch the ear: the chattering strings and bell-like keyboards that close out “Death and All His Friends,” or the timbre of the instrumental “Life in Technicolor,” which sounds like it’s emanating from the end of a long metal tube. “Technicolor” is one of the album’s few concise, concentrated pieces of writing; the rest sounds both incomplete and puffed up, like scraps of previous records scrambled and rearranged. This upending of their style isn’t even radical enough to be bad. “Viva la Vida” is an album that keeps going out of focus, a series of disconnected pieces that is impossible to hold on to. And why are they wearing all those vaguely military jackets? What’s with Liberty leading the people on the cover? They must know that beyond the cozy confines of London there are a couple of major conflicts going on. It does not feel like the moment, especially for such a vague band, to be playing with any symbols of war. 2005年的一期泰晤士报中,乔恩帕雷利斯(Jon Pareles)把英国摇滚组合酷玩乐队称为“十年内最难以忍受的乐队”,而且归咎于乐队的名誉负责人和歌手马丁,并称他做“消极好斗的吹牛大王”。今年早些时候,由连锁酒店Travelodge赞助的一份研究对2248名英国人的睡眠习惯进行了调查,研究表明酷玩乐队名列床头音乐的首位。他们的音乐能明显减轻该酒店所谓的“现代生活压力”。其实马丁也可以使用同样的标准去评判他乐队的音乐。 在coldplay.com上,你能发现将一张手写的便条,写着"6月12日星期四 伦敦",并论及最近发布的第四张乐队专辑《Viva la vida or Death and all his friends》。网站上写道:“今天我感觉到非常宽慰,专辑终于得以流入这个万千世界”。我希望上面有歌曲能够使糟糕的日子变得没有那么糟糕,把美好的日子变得更加美好。专辑在美国发布后,首个星期已售出超过七十万张。 (自2000年乐队的首张专辑《Parachutes》发布以来,新闻消息总会说酷玩的命运关乎巨头EMI的生死)。究竟酷玩乐队是EMI的救命稻草还是仅仅比较可靠呢?问马丁也没用。他把英式的羞怯风格转为对忍受虐待的信仰。 "我们确实抢了他们饭碗",谈到电台司令时他这么说道。他也说过"像世界上数百万人一样,我不能去听酷玩的音乐"。不过他只说对了一半,酷玩乐队的音乐的确偏好一种邋遢而又模糊的延长音,能让人直接联想到电台司令的汤姆约克(Thom Yorke)和他的队友。其实这种效果的鼻祖主要是U2,是他们创造了酷玩乐队现在的演奏风格:这种摇滚顾及到了朋克的巨大改革,但仍然追求一种让人心跳加速的,像进行曲那般的效果,正如70年代室内摇滚天王的音乐。换言之,就是指那种短小的流行歌曲,虽然你不完全知道在唱什么,但它总能激起你巨大的情感,让你激动得蹦蹦跳跳,振臂高呼。布赖恩伊诺(Bryan Eno)监制的《Viva la vida》已经展示了专辑与U2的关系,因为布莱恩曾经把U2原来活跃的足球音乐风格改造成深邃的催眠音乐风格,而后者则造就了他们以后的职业生涯。但问题是酷玩乐队似乎没有如此深度,也没有波诺(Bono)或刀子(the Edge)那样有特色的嗓音,而且U2他们能把吉他演奏得像伴唱。酷玩那些家伙都很轻柔,他们最好的曲目也显得不愠不火。 《Yellow》他们八年前的成名曲。当中有几段吉他弹得像刀子演奏的钟音,就是不断重复在琴颈高处的小和弦。它使歌曲远离了各种音乐流派而更加接近低音所带来的迷幻效果(如果成功的话)。但该首歌曲的核心在于马丁用经岁月洗练的歌词所吟唱的这段小夜曲:"Look at the stars, Look how they shine for you, and all the things that you do."然后是丰富饱满的一声"ah-",每次都能触动我的心弦。马丁直抒胸臆的歌曲为数不多,《Yellow》是其中之一。在乐队的第二张专辑中,马丁开始使用较为自由的歌词。"Am I part of the cure? Or am I part of the disease?"这句歌词来自可能是酷玩最动人的歌曲——《Clocks》。 旋律照应了歌曲名,一直围绕着三个重复的钢琴下行琶音。 而高潮出现在马丁随着钢琴用假声唱出的"you are"。但曲中的"你"是什么呢?自己去猜吧。歌词中的什么"tides"和"clocks"我还完全没有头绪。不懂也没关系,重磅大碟《Clocks》在一片欢呼与光芒中的隆重推出取得了巨大成功。而在歌曲的结尾,马丁反复低唱"Home, home, where I wanted to go。" 只有那部分你才注意到他的那一份本质上深藏的情感,潜藏在小伙的心底的安全区域:这是一个从小就自认不是特别酷的男孩,是一个22岁时拥有了初夜的男孩。我总想出于这一点而去喜欢酷玩乐队:他们是一伙因善良而获得回报的年轻男孩。 但是乐队的第三张专辑"Xamp;Y",一种张示某种东西的欲望开始掩盖他们的魅力。 犹如门前台阶上的一小束玫瑰变成了一个发涨的罐头,还充满了令人反胃的人造毒气。《Viva la Vida》的同名歌曲也叫"iPod歌",因为苹果公司用来做了广告。它无疑是该专辑的亮点。但为什么这首轻松活泼的,积极向上的歌曲竟与"罗马骑兵唱诗班"或革命者或圣彼得扯上了关系?这的确让人很费解,你也不要期望在歌词中能找到头绪。马丁是那国王吗? 曾经当过那国王吗?管他呢。酷玩乐队知道如何去创造一首歌,能够用简单的卡拉OK节奏把你吸引住。我听着8岁和11岁的小孩唱这着首歌度过一个周末(虽然他们歌词都不熟,有时还改词)但我从不厌烦这首歌的旋律。 然而一曲终了,只有你独自一人能够感受到。曲中不乏伊诺式的悦耳魅力:低诉的弦乐与钟声般的键盘能将"死神和他所有朋友"都关在门外;而纯器乐曲《Life in Technicolor》的音色,则像从一个长金属管的末端中发出的绝响。《Life in Technicolor》也是专辑里少数短小精悍的曲目之一,其它的曲目听上去又空虚又不完整,像前一专辑的片段被打碎之后再重组,然而当中的破坏元素又够不上叛逆。《Viva la Vida》这张专辑将继续淡出人们视线,这一系列断断续续的专辑是很难让人追随的。另外他们为什么都穿上那些暧昧的军装?封面上带领着人民的除了自由是什么? 他们一定知道在舒适的伦敦之外还有几起主要的冲突在进行着。但把战争的元素加进演奏当中,特别是对于这样一风格模糊的乐队,好像还不是时候。 /200808/45585嘉兴曙光玻尿填充多少钱

嘉兴美白针多少钱Fraud is a word to strike fear into the hearts of any investor, who tend to take a company’s financial figures at face value. But time after time they find themselves burnt when overly aggressive or even fraudulent accounting leads to calamity.欺诈是一个所有投资者都害怕的词——他们往往完全相信一个公司的财务数据。但一次又一次,他们发现自己在过于激进乃至欺诈性会计手法导致灾难的时候蒙受了损失。Enron is the classic case of a seemingly rock-solid corporate titan that was in reality a fragile edifice of dodgy numbers and accounting subterfuge. More recently, Valeant, the Canadian pharma group, has lost nearly bn of its value over accounting concerns.安然(Enron)就是一个典型案例:一个表面看上去坚如磐石的庞大企业,实际上是用虚假数据和假账堆砌起来的脆弱大厦。最近,加拿大制药集团Valeant因外界对其会计手法的担忧而损失了近800亿美元的市值。The company recently said that its internal accounting review had found nothing that would force it to restate its earnings, helping its shares regain their footing, but many big-name investors are still nursing huge losses.Valeant最近表示,经过内部会计审核,该公司不必重报利润数据,这帮助其股价重新站稳了脚跟,但许多知名投资者仍然蒙受巨大损失。Can mining reams of data about companies help investors detect issues early? Deutsche Bank’s financial scientists believe so, and have developed a model that scans for potential problems. 挖掘公司的海量数据可以帮助投资者及早发现问题吗?德意志(Deutsche Bank)的金融科学家们相信可以,并开发出了一个查找潜在问题的模型。It mines the Securities and Exchange Commission’s database of companies censured for accounting problems — highlighting how banks, trading firms and regulators are increasingly turning to novel technological solutions to uncover market abuses.这个模型挖掘美国交会(SEC)的数据库,该数据库包含被指责存在会计问题的公司的数据。德意志的这一举动突显出,、交易公司和监管机构都越来越多地求助于新技术解决方案来发现市场滥用行为。“Accounting numbers are like volcanoes. When they lie dormant, people forget how dangerous they can be,” Deutsche Bank said in a recent note.德意志在最近发布的一份报告中表示:“会计数据就像是火山。当它们休眠的时候,人们忘记了它们可以多么危险。”The German bank’s model used “Benford’s Law” to identify possible irregularities. In 1938, physicist Frank Benford noticed that in a random selection of numbers digit 1 tends to appear more often at the beginning of a number than 2, and 2 more often than 3. 德意志的模型使用了“本福德定律”来查找可能的不合规行为。1938年,物理学家弗兰克#8226;本福德(Frank Benford)注意到,随机选择一些数字时,首位数为1的数字往往比首位数为2的数字更常见,首位数为2的数字比首位数为3的数字更常见。This curious law is used to analyse everything from weather patterns to election fraud.这种奇特法则被用来分析一切事物——从天气模式到选举欺诈。“The natural extension of this hypothesis,” Deutsche Bank’s Javed Jussa wrote, “is that companies that do not conform to Benford’s law may exhibit some sort of accounting irregularity.”德意志的贾韦德#8226;尤萨(Javed Jussa)写道:“从这种假设可以自然地推导出,不符合本福德法则的公司可能从事了某种会计不合规行为。”Deutsche Bank’s quantitative analysts are not the only ones looking to harness modern technology and data mining to unearth potential problems. 并非只有德意志的定量分析师在寻求利用现代技术和数据挖掘来揭示潜在问题。Regulators are also looking to capitalise on recent advances in computing and “machine-learning” algorithms to autonomously scan financial markets and company reports for signs of fraud or abuse.监管机构也在寻求利用计算和“机器学习”算法上最近的进展来自动扫描金融市场和公司财报,以寻找欺诈或市场滥用行为的蛛丝马迹。This is the future of fraud detection, says Steven Blum, a managing director at Control Risks’s compliance and forensic accounting division. “It’s a tool, but an increasingly powerful tool. And the more data you get into the mix the more powerful it becomes.”化险咨询(Control Risks)合规和法务会计部门的董事总经理史蒂文#8226;布卢姆(Steven Blum)表示,这是欺诈侦查的未来。“它是一个工具,但这种工具越来越强大。你把越多数据输入进去,它就越强大。”For example, a few years ago the SEC rolled out what has been dubbed its “Robocop”, a computer program more formally called the “Accounting Quality Model”. 例如,美国交会几年前推出了一个绰号为“机械战警”(Robocop)的计算机程序,它的正式名称是“会计质量模型”。This uses the regulator’s treasure trove of financial data to detect patterns in corporate earnings reports that might hint at strange behaviour — whether just aggressive accounting practices or outright deceit.该程序使用交会的金融数据库来发现企业利润报告中的模式,从中发现可能隐含的古怪行为——无论是激进的会计手法还是裸的欺诈。The details on the SEC’s Robocop are sparse, but Mr Jussa found several important indicators that could hint at potential accounting mishaps.关于美国交会“机械战警”的具体情况,人们知之甚少,但尤萨发现了多个可能暗示着潜在会计问题的重要指标。Some are technical market factors. Sizeable bets against a company — as measured by the “short interest” — are a classic sign that some hedge fund managers smell something fishy. Unusually high trading volumes and prices far away from their one-year lows are also warning signs.一些指标是技术性的市场因素。对一家公司的大规模做空(以“卖空数量”衡量)是一些对冲基金公司发现疑点的典型迹象。异常高的交易量和远高于一年低点的价格也是值得警惕的迹象。But there are more fundamental warning signs, such as the reported cash flow that a company’s assets throw off, the expected dividend yield and the turnover of the company’s assets.但还有更为基本的预警信号,比如公司财报中资产产生的现金流、预计股息收益以及资产周转率。The most common problem is the misstatement of revenues, for example aggressively booking in orders as actual sales — something some tech companies have a tendency to do — or recording sales in one period when the goods are actually shipped in the next quarter. Another is accounting for some costs as assets.最普遍的问题是虚报收入,比如将订单记为实际销售的激进做法——某些科技公司倾向于这么做——或者将下一季度才真正发货的商品记入本期销售。另一个问题是将一些费用记为资产。Early identification of potential problems can help investors avoid some dud bets. Deutsche Bank ran its accounting fraud model against 30 years of financial data, and found that a portfolio of companies it found as “potentially vulnerable to accounting irregularities” underperformed the broader stock market by a third.及早发现潜在问题可以帮助投资者避免一些无用押注。德意志用其会计欺诈模型处理了30年的金融数据,结果发现,模型认定“可能存在会计不合规风险”的那些公司的股价表现比大盘低三分之一。Mr Blum points out that “big data” and evermore sophisticated algorithms will become increasingly common among a variety of organisations in the finance industry.布卢姆指出,“大数据”以及越来越先进的算法将在金融行业中的众多机构中变得越来越普遍。Even some repentant sinners are now using technology to detect market abuses. After being censured and fined for “spoofing” — submitting a blizzard of orders and cancellations only to move the price of a security — in 2010, trading outfit Trillium developed a system to spot and prevent spoofing internally, which it is now marketing to other firms.就连一些犯过错但痛改前非的机构,现在也在使用技术来发现市场滥用行为。在2010年因“幌骗”(spoofing,一种市场操纵手法,先提交大量订单然后取消,目的只是为了改变券价格)而遭受谴责和罚款之后,Trillium开发了一套系统,在内部发现并阻止“幌骗”。现在Trillium正向其他公司推销这套系统。“The controls we built have turned out to be a next-generation solution to spoofing,” says Michael Friedman, Trillium’s general counsel.Trillium的总法律顾问迈克尔#8226;弗里德曼(Michael Friedman)表示:“事实明,我们建立的控制措施是杜绝‘幌骗’的下一代方案。”The “Surveyor” program autonomously scans for the market order book for potential manipulation, such as spoofing, insider trading, two-sided trading — where a company pushes a stock around by trading with two separate accounts, either intentionally or by accident — and “wash trades”, the simultaneous selling and buying of a stock through different brokers.“监督员”(Surveyor)程序自动扫描市场订单簿,以寻找潜在的操纵行为,比如“幌骗”、内幕交易、两面交易(指一家公司通过两个独立账户交易来操纵股票,无论是有意还是无意)以及“虚买虚卖”(wash trades,指通过不同经纪商同时买进和卖出一股票)。In other words, technological advances and increasingly complex markets may make an investor or regulator’s job harder and more complex, but may also offer some potentially powerful solutions to keeping financial markets clean.换言之,技术进步和日益复杂的市场可能让投资者或者监管机构的工作变得更加艰难和复杂,但可能也提供了一些潜力巨大的解决方案来保持金融市场的纯净。 /201608/462867浙江嘉兴哪家整形医院最好 虽然告别圈已有三载,但王菲在各类媒体和组织上的曝光率和关注度就好像她从来没有离开过。全球最大的保护动物的组织---善待动物组织一个月以前发起了一场票选最性感素食艺人的评选,王菲最终战胜多位亚洲素食美人,当选亚洲最性感素食艺人。Chinese singer and actress Faye Wong was Wednesday named Asia's sexiest vegetarian(素食者) woman in a poll run by animal rights group PETA.Wong, often called the "heavenly queen" or the "diva of Asia," beat last year's winner Maggie Q, star of "Mission: Impossible III," in the vote organized by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).Beijing-born Wong starred in "Chungking Express," directed by internationally acclaimed Hong Kong director Wong Kar-Wai. She has also graced the covers of Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire.Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachan won the title of Asia's Sexiest Vegetarian Man in the month-long poll.PETA has a history of using celebrities to attract public attention to its campaigns, notably persuading supermodels including Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell to pose naked for posters bearing the slogan "I'd rather go naked than wear fur." /200806/42590嘉兴opt嫩肤多少钱

嘉兴玻尿酸要哪家医院好The American Way: Marriage美国人的婚姻方式 [1] "I do." To Americans those two words carry great meaning. They can even change your life. Especially if you say them at your own wedding. Making wedding vows is like signing a contract. Now Americans don't really think marriage is a business deal. But marriage is serious business. [2] It all begins with engagement. Traditionally, a young man asks the father of his sweetheart for permission to marry her. If the father agrees, the man later proposes to her. Often he tries to surprise her by "popping the question" in a romantic way. Sometimes the couple just decides together that the time is right to get married. The man usually gives his fiancée a diamond ring as a symbol of their engagement. They may be engaged for weeks, months or even years. As the big day approaches, bridal showers and bachelor's parties provide many useful gifts. Today many couples also receive counseling during engagement. This prepares them for the challenges of married life. [3] At last it's time for the wedding. Although most weddings follow long-held traditions, there's still room for American individualism. For example, the usual place for a wedding is in a church. But some people get married outdoors in a scenic spot. A few even have the ceremony while sky-diving or riding on horseback! The couple may invite hundreds of people or just a few close friends. They choose their own style of colors, decorations and music during the ceremony. But some things rarely change. The bride usually wears a beautiful, long white wedding dress. She traditionally wears "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue". The groom wears a formal suit or tuxedo. Several close friends participate in the ceremony as attendants, including the best man and the maid of honor [4] As the ceremony begins, the groom and his attendants stand with the minister, facing the audience. Music signals the entrance of the bride's attendants, followed by the beautiful bride. Nervously, the young couple repeats their vows. Traditionally, they promise to love each other "for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health". But sometimes the couple has composed their own vows. They give each other a gold ring to symbolize their marriage commitment. Finally the minister announces the big moment: "I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride!" [5] At the wedding reception, the bride and groom greet their guests. Then they cut the wedding cake and feed each other a bite. Guests mingle while enjoying cake, punch and other treats. Later the bride throws her bouquet of flowers to a group of single girls. Tradition says that the one who catches the bouquet will be the next to marry. During the reception, playful friends "decorate" the couple's car with tissue paper, tin cans and a "Just Married" sign. When the reception is over, the newlyweds run to their "decorated" car and speed off. Many couples take a honeymoon, a one- to two-week vacation trip, to celebrate their new marriage. [6] Almost every culture has rituals to signal a change in one's life. Marriage is one of the most basic life changes for people of all cultures. So it's no surprise to find many traditions about getting married... even in America. Yet each couple follows the traditions in a way that is uniquely their own. [1]“我愿意。”这句话对美国人来说包含深远的意义。它甚至可以改变一个人的生活,特别是如果你在自己的婚礼上说出这句话。发出结婚誓言就如同签订契约一般。虽然今天美国人并不真正认为婚姻是一宗商业交易,但婚姻确实是件严肃的事。 [2]一切从订婚开始。在传统上,年轻男子先要请求女朋友的父亲允许自己娶她。如果女方的父亲答应,然后男方才能向女方求婚。男方时常尝试以罗曼蒂克的方式“蹦出这个问题”,想给女方一个惊喜。有时双方只是一起决定,该是结婚的时候了。男方通常会送给未婚妻一只钻石戒指作为订婚的象征。订婚期可以持续几个星期、几个月,甚至几年。当大喜的日子临近时,双方各自的好友在婚前派对上会赠送许多实用的礼物。今天,许多未婚夫妻在订婚期间还听取咨询意见,以此为应付婚姻生活的挑战作好准备。 [3]最后就该举行婚礼了。虽然大多数的婚礼沿袭长期以来的传统,但是仍有发挥美国人的个性主义的余地。例如,通常举行婚礼的地点是在教堂,但是有些人却在户外的风景点举行婚礼,少数人甚至在跳伞或骑马时举办仪式!新人可以邀请几百个客人,也可以只邀请几个最要好的朋友。婚礼的色调风格、布置和音乐都由他们自己决定。但有些事情很少会变化。新娘通常都穿一件漂亮的长长的白色结婚礼。按传统习惯,新娘的穿着要包括“一点旧的,一点新的,一点借来的和一点蓝色的东西”。新郎则穿着一套正式的西装或无尾晚礼。几位亲密的朋友参与婚礼作为陪伴,包括伴郎和伴娘。 [4]婚礼开始时,新郎和他的陪伴同牧师站在一起,面对着来宾。当音乐响起时,新娘的陪伴入场,后面就跟着美丽的新娘。一对新人紧张地跟着说出他们的誓言。按传统习惯,双方许诺要彼此相爱,“不论情况较好较坏,不论家境是富是穷,不论生病还是健康。”但有时两人也可以编一套自己的誓言。他们互赠金戒指象征婚姻的承诺。最后,牧师宣布重大时刻的到来:“我现在宣布你们成为夫妻。你可以亲吻你的新娘!” [5]在结婚喜宴上,新娘和新郎向宾客表示欢迎。然后他们切开结婚蛋糕并互喂对方一口。来宾们一边享受蛋糕、混合饮料和其他食物,一边相互交谈。之后,新娘将她的花束投向一群单身女孩。相传抓到花束的女孩会成为下一个结婚的人。喜宴期间,爱闹的朋友用薄纸、锡罐和写着“新婚”的标牌来“装饰”新人的小汽车。宴会结束后,新婚的小俩口就跑向他们“被装饰好的”小汽车,迅速地驶走。许多新人会去度蜜月,即一两个星期的度假旅行,以庆祝他们的新婚。 [6]几乎每一种文化都有仪式来标志一个人生活的变化。婚姻对于各种文化的人而言都是最基本的生活变化之一。因此发现关于结婚有许多传统习俗,就不足为奇了……在美国也不例外。然而每对新人都会以自己独持的方式来继承传统。 /200804/34322 The Four Great Inventions(1)四大发明(1)During the Song Dynasty, the Chinese people further developed the making of the compass, paper, gunpowder, and the art of printing.宋朝时期,中国人进一步发展了指南针、造纸术、火药和印刷术。Together, they are called the four great inventions that China contributed to the world.这些被 称为“四大发明”,是中国对世界作出的贡献。As early as the Warring States period the magnetic force of magnetite was discovered, and a sort of instrument was made of magnetite to show directions.早在战国时期,人们就发现了磁力,并用磁石制造了一种仪器,用它来辨别方向。This was certainly the earliest compass in the world.这无疑是世界上最早的指南针。During the Han Dynasty, people made a spoon-like compass.汉朝时期,人们制造了一种形如勺子的指南针。A small spoon, made of magnetite, with a very smooth bottom, was placed on a square copper plate.这是一个磁石制的勺子,勺子底很平滑,置于一个四方形的铜盘上。The center of the plate was ground smooth to make it easy for the spoon to move.盘子中心很光滑,因此勺子可以很容易地转动。When the spoon, after it was turned, came to a stop, its handle would point to the south.勺子停止转动后,勺柄所指的方向就是南方。This form of compass was further improved during the Song Dynasty.这种指南针在宋朝时期得到了改进。People made iron needles and rubbed them on a piece of magnetite, so that they would become magnetic.人们制造了铁针,把这些铁针在一块磁石上擦,使它们具有磁性。Then one such needle was hung with a thin th, or put on something light that floated on the water in a bowl.然后将它们用一根细线吊起来,或是将它们置于一些 可以漂浮在一碗水上的轻物体。The latter was the compass that was first used in navigation.后来这种用法首先在航海中使用。China was the first country in the world to use the compass on sea-going ships.中国是第一个在海船上使用指南针的国家,Historical records show that in 1099 -1102 the compass was used on ships sailing to or from Guangzhou.据历史记载,在1099年到1102 年的几年间,中国人就在来往于广州的海船上使用了指南针。 /201508/394012嘉兴哪里可以祛疤嘉兴公立整容医院



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