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东莞市保健院 整形美容科道滘镇高埗石碣镇激光除斑多少钱Peruse the produce aisle at your local grocery store and you’ll likely find a massive selection of juices featuring blueberries, carrots, strawberries and other familiar fruits and veggies.But the juicing craze — a growing, multibillion-dollar business — has up until now left one popular fruit behind: the watermelon. Now one Illinois farmer is hoping there’s still some room for the large fruit to make a splash.The watermelon juice in question is called Tsamma [pronounced sah-mah], and it was conceptualized earlier this year by fresh produce grower Sarah Frey-Talley. After testing a variety of flavor bases at home for a few months, Frey-Talley, the chief executive of Frey Farms, is now bringing Tsamma to major retail shelves.Frey-Talley believes the watermelon is a perfect fit for the juice aisle, pointing out that the average American usually buys a whole watermelon just five times a year. It can take a lot of time to slice the fruit, remove seeds, and then it has to be consumed quickly—all factors that limit its growth potential.考察一下商店货架,你很可能会发现各式各样的果汁口味可供选择,包括蓝莓、胡萝卜、草莓以及其它各种我们所熟悉的水果和蔬菜。榨汁热潮一路发展到现在,这个价值数十亿美元的市场已引得各路果蔬竞折腰,但到目前为止,有一种很受欢迎的水果仍未得到充分的开发利用,那就是西瓜。现在,美国伊利诺伊州的一名农场主正在期盼,这种大个头的水果能在榨汁市场上引发轰动。弗雷-塔利认为,西瓜非常适合制成果汁进行销售,她指出,美国人平均一年通常只买五次一整只的西瓜。把西瓜切片和去籽非常费时,而且必须尽快吃掉——所有这些因素都限制了西瓜的发展潜力。“我们选择了美国人喜爱但食用不方便的水果,并且将它加工成瓶装产品。”“We took an inconvenient item that Americans like to eat anyway and we put it in a bottle.”Even though it has been on the market for just three months, Tsamma is aly on the shelves in more than 1,200 stores, including Whole Foods and The Fresh Market. Other national chains are expressing interest in the beverage, which squeezes one-and-a-half pounds of watermelon into each bottle.Tsamma’s quick acceptance from grocery-store chains can be attributed to Frey-Talley’s experience as both a farmer and a savvy saleswoman. When Frey-Talley was as young as eight, she accompanied her mother on a delivery route for the watermelons her family grew on a small, 80-acre farm in southern Illinois.By the time she was a teenager, Frey-Talley took over the route from her mother, at that point she also began to purchase watermelons and cantaloupes from small farms and distribute them to stores across several states.Since Frey-Talley took over the family business she has expanded what is now called Frey Farms across seven states, with several thousand acres of land, and distribution centers that package and ship the produce. In the beginning, Frey-Talley worked alone, but now she employees up to 600 workers during the peak-growing season.上市才短短三个月,Tsamma就已经出现在1,200多家商店的货架上,其中不乏全食超市(Whole Foods)和生鲜市场(The Fresh Market)这些知名的零售商。其它全国性的连锁店也纷纷表示出对这款每瓶用1.5磅西瓜榨成的西瓜汁的兴趣。Tsamma能够迅速获得食品杂货连锁店的认可,农场主弗雷-塔利功不可没,她在农场的经营上经验丰富,同时又深谙销售之道。当她还只有8岁时,就跟着母亲,将自家在伊利诺伊州南部一座面积为80英亩的小型农场里种出的西瓜送往经销商处。到了十几岁的时候,弗雷-塔利接手了母亲的送货工作。当时她也开始从其他的小型农场里购买西瓜和甜瓜,然后分销到美国数州的大小商店中。接管家族生意后,弗雷-塔利开始拓展业务。如今的弗雷农场已经在7个州拥有数千英亩的土地,还有负责农产品包装和运输的分销中心。农场规模也从最初的弗雷-塔利一人,拓展到现在农忙季节时多达600人的雇佣工。Tsamma (named after a melon grown in Africa that is thought to be the parent of all melons we know today) is angling for a slice of the bottled super-premium fruit and veggie juices segment, which reported sales of .25 billion last year, according to a Barron’s report that cited Beverage Marketing data. Sales for that segment are up 58% since 2004, the research and consulting firm has reported.Consumers are gravitating toward bottled juices, and even buying more mixers to make juices at home, as they aim to drink more all-natural beverages. That shift has resulted in greater sales of juices, smoothies and flavored waters, but fewer sales of high-sugar beverages like soda.Sherry Frey (no relation to Frey-Talley), vice president of Nielsen Perishables Group, said the popularity of juices has ebbed and flowed the past few decades, but this time around it is notable that juices aren’t just popular with health-conscious consumers. Juice sales today have across-the-board appeal, Frey said, noting that millennials are looking for something healthy on the go, parents like to serve juices to their kids, and boomers are looking at the benefits of juicing as they look to extend their lives.Frey-Talley has a fairly aggressive growth plan for Tsamma, hoping annual sales will hit 0 million within five years.“Some might think that our plan of growth is aggressive, and we definitely have a lot of consumer education to do to get people to understand the benefits,” Frey-Talley said. She believes watermelon juice sales could one day rival the sale of coconut water — another beverage that has become wildly popular in recent years.“I’m hoping anyway,” she said. “Otherwise I’ll have to sell a farm.” Tsamma(得名于非洲的一种瓜,这种瓜被认为是当今所有瓜的亲本)的意图,是在高级瓶装果蔬汁饮料市场中赢得一席之地。根据《巴伦周刊》(Barron)引用的研究咨询公司Beverage Marketing的报告数据,去年美国果蔬饮料市场的销售额高达22.5亿美元。这家公司称,自2004年以来,果蔬饮料市场的销售已增长了58%。瓶装果汁对消费者很有吸引力,甚至有越来越多的消费者开始购买果汁机,在家自制果汁,因为他们希望喝到更加纯天然的饮料。这种消费趋势的转变,推动了果汁、冰沙和果味饮料的销量上升,汽水等高糖饮料的销量则随之下降。尼尔森食品集团(Nielsen Perishables Group)的副总裁谢里o弗雷(与弗雷-塔利没有亲戚关系)表示,果汁的流行在过去几十年里起起落落,但如今的发展尤为值得关注,因为它不仅受到了关心健康的消费者的喜爱,更具有全方位的吸引力。弗雷分析,千禧一代十分热衷于寻找健康的饮食,父母们希望让孩子多喝果汁,而婴儿潮一代则希望果汁能延长寿命。弗雷-塔利为Tsamma制定了雄心勃勃的扩张计划,希望年销售额能在5年内冲到1.5亿美元。“也许有人认为我们的发展计划过于激进。而我们确实还有大量的消费者教育工作要做,好让大家了解我们的产品优势,”弗雷-塔利表示。她相信,西瓜汁的销售有一天必能与椰子汁比肩——这也是近年来十分流行的一款饮品。“当然,这只是我的希望,”她承认,“如果最终达不到预期,我就只好卖掉一座农场了。” /201410/338844东莞腋下脱毛要多少次 Advent is the period of preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus and begins on Sunday nearest to 30th November. The word Advent comes from the Latin adventus meaning coming. Traditionally it is a penitential season but is no longer kept with the strictness of Lent and Christians are no longer required to fast.从最临近11月30日的星期天开始的耶稣降临是为庆祝耶稣诞生做准备的一段时间。降临起源于拉丁语词汇“adventus”意义为来临。按照传统,这是基督教徒忏悔的时间,但现在基督教徒们已经不需要严格遵守这一规矩。Advent wreaths are popular especially in churches. They are made with fir branches and four candles. A candle is lit each Sunday during Advent.降临节花环是非常流行的一个装饰物,特别是在教堂里。它是由杉树树枝和四根蜡烛组成。在降临节的这个月里,每周星期日人们就会点亮一只蜡烛。Christmas Day is the Christian festival most celebrated by non-churchgoers, and churches are often completely full for the service late on Christmas Eve.圣诞节是基督教的节日中最广泛被非基督教徒庆祝的节日,而平安夜教堂中也会挤满了来做礼拜的人。 /201312/269906广东医科大学寮步医院去痘多少钱

东莞华美美容医院减肥瘦身多少钱It#39;s settled: Llamas are the ultimate party animals.事实明,羊驼才是顶级的派对达人。A particularly adventurous llama named Serge proved as much when the animal -- assisted by a group of five intoxicated young men -- fled a circus in Bordeaux early Thursday morning to tour the town.上周四上午一只马戏团在波尔多的一个小镇上巡演的时候,一只羊驼在五个喝醉酒的青年的帮助之下趁机逃窜。这只极赋冒险精神的羊驼名叫赛尔日,它的行动明了羊驼才是顶级的派对达人。According to Sud Ouest, Serge roamed the streets with his new friends and even rode the city#39;s tram. Revelers documented the night of debauchery in photos that quickly sp throughout the social media world.据法国《西南日报》报道,塞尔日和它的新朋友们当街狂欢,甚至还乘坐了城里的电车。这只狂欢的队伍当晚还拍摄了许多照片,这些照片很快在社交网络上走红。It all started when the five friends wandered out of a nightclub before dawn Thursday and decided to visit a nearby circus to play with the animals, according to local reports. The group initially tried to coax a zebra out of its enclosure, but the animal reportedly refused. Instead, the young men settled for 8-year-old Serge, who happily followed the group around Bordeaux.据当地报道称,周四凌晨时分,这伙青年通宵熬吧后醉熏熏的晃荡到街上,决定拜访一下附近的马戏团,和动物们玩玩。据称这伙人一开始想要将一只斑马哄骗出笼,但被斑马拒绝了。然后这伙人成功地“勾搭”上了8岁的塞尔日,这只羊驼快乐地跟着这伙人全程巡游。The adventure finally came to an end after the tram conductor noticed there was a llama aboard and asked the passengers to depart the train. The group left the llama in the care of tram worker#39;s care until it was returned to the circus.直到电车售票员发现车上有一只羊驼,要求这些乘客离开,这场冒险才告以尾声。这伙青年将羊驼留交给电车工作人员看管后离开,随后羊驼被归还给了马戏团。The director of the traveling circus initially filed a complaint against the five men, prompting French police to detain them Thursday afternoon. Ultimately, however, the director withdrew his complaint, as Serge the llama was returned unharmed.这只巡游马戏团的经理起初起草了一份起诉书,打算于周四下午向法国警方报案,希望将这伙青年拘留。但考虑到塞尔日已经被完好归还,最终这位经理撤销了他的诉状。 /201311/263952东莞女子美容医院 莞城人民医院激光去斑多少钱

东莞隆胸医院哪家好That tired truism about wanting only a healthy baby and not caring about gender? Puh-leeze. Women want daughters, and men crave sons, finds research in the journal Open Anthropology.还在老生常谈“不管性别如何,只要一个健康的宝宝”吗?呀,别提了!《开放人类学》杂志(Open Anthropology)近来研究发现女性实际上更喜欢生女孩而男性对儿子情有独钟。The results surprised even the researchers, from Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada, who’d surveyed more than 2, 000 students, staff and faculty at the college about gender preference in offspring. They’d assumed that respondents would show little or no preference, but they found that — no matter how they worded the question — there was a “significant offspring gender preference” along gender lines.这一结果让研究人员也震惊不已,来自加拿大安大略省(Ontario,Canada)皇后大学(Queen#39;s University)的研究人员们通过对在校2000多名学生,职工和教师进行后代偏好问题的调查,得出这一惊人结论。起初他们臆测,受访者基本没有或很少有性别偏好,但是后来发现——无论他们用怎样的方式提出问题,在性别方面总是呈现出“明显的后代性别偏好选择”。Respondents answered the following questions:受访者需要回答下述问题:1. What gender would you prefer your firstborn child to be (or did you hope for if you aly have a child)?1. 你希望你的第一个孩子是男是女?(即使你已经有了孩子,你是否考虑过这个问题?)2. If you were to have (or do have) more than one child, would you prefer the majority to be male or female?2. 如果你将至少生育几个孩子的话,你希望他们大多数是男孩还是女孩?3. If you were to have only one child, what gender would you prefer it to be?3. 如果你只打算生一个孩子的话,那么你更希望是男孩还是女孩?“Today, offspring gender preference conflicts with the ongoing mission in many nations, especially in Western Europe and North America, to pursue social and political agendas aimed at eliminating all discrimination on the basis of gender, ” write the authors.调查人员记录道:“如今,子女偏好与许多国家的当下社会任务产生了冲突,这尤其体现在西欧和北美等追求社会和政治议程旨在消除所有基于性别因素导致歧视的国家。”And yet, it persists. What gives?然而,性别偏好的现象依旧存在。什么是导致这一切的根源呢?Men’s preference for sons is pretty easy to explain in terms of evolution. Males have a greater chance of perpetuating the family genes by fathering far more children than a woman could ever bear. Women’s preference for daughters is more nuanced. Maybe it’s a maternal desire to have a shared experience of pregnancy, or maybe women are subscribing to visions of perceived mom-daughter emotional bonds. Call it a “legacy drive, ” say the authors, and consider that modern women are so infused with pride over their social and financial empowerment that they want to share the good life with their girls. “There is currently a tendency in North American society to place a high degree of emphasis on realizing one’s own ‘success’ through the success of one’s children, ” write the authors. “The present data suggest that this opportunity for legacy is envisioned for males generally through sons, but for females generally through daughters.”从进化的角度来看,很容易便能解释男人对儿子的偏爱。男性往往比女性拥有更多机会来通过养育孩子延续家族基因。女性对女儿的偏爱之情就更为微妙了,或许是一种母性的期待母女二人能够分享妊娠的经历,或者是女性更认同这种称为情感纽带的物质。作者写道:“将之称为遗产的驱使吧”,考虑到现代女性在社会和财政权力方面“掌握大权”并如此沾沾自喜,使得她们想同女儿分享这一美好的生活。对此,作者继续记录道:“在北美社会,目前的趋势是高度强调通过孩子的成功来实现自己的成功之梦,当下的数据也表明遗产继承一般都由父辈传至儿子,而母亲往往是传至女儿。”The study didn’t look at thornier questions of whether would-be parents are so committed to the idea of having a child of the same sex that they would practice gender selection to achieve their dreams. But an editorial published in the current edition of the Canadian Medical Association Journal makes the case that parents shouldn’t learn their baby-to-be’s sex until after 30 weeks of pregnancy when abortions are no longer permitted. Female feticide — aborting girls — isn’t unusual in countries including India and China, but it’s apparently also happening in some ethnic groups in Canada and the US.该项学术研究并没有关注这一更为棘手的问题——“准爸爸妈妈”们是否会通过性别选择手段统一孩子的性别来实现自身的梦想。但是最新一期的《加拿大医学协会杂志》上发表的一篇社论表示父母不应当在妊娠30周之内便知晓胎儿的性别情况,这个30周的时间过后便不再允许堕胎行为的发生。在中国和印度等国家女性堕胎流产胎儿的案例屡见不鲜,但在美国和加拿大某些种族群体中,也明显存在着堕胎现象。“This evil devalues women, ” writes Dr. Rajendra Kale, the journal’s interim editor-in-chief. “How can it be curbed? The solution is to postpone the disclosure of medically irrelevant information to women until after about 30 weeks of pregnancy.”杂志临时主编拉金德·卡勒(Rajendra Kale)写道:“堕胎这个恶魔贬低了女性的地位。”“怎样才能禁止堕胎呢?解决方法便是延期告知时间,在怀30周之后再告知当事人这些无关痛痒的具体信息。”That probably wouldn’t go over well stateside, where pregnant women have become accustomed to learning their baby’s sex courtesy of an ultrasound wand before 20 weeks.这一提议在美国本土并不会收获良好效果,在美国,妇们在20周之前通过超声波检测仪了解腹中胎儿的性别已成惯例。“A pregnant woman being told the sex of the fetus at ultrasonography at a time when an unquestioned abortion is possible is the starting point of female feticide from a health care perspective, ” writes Dr. Kale. Although a woman has a right to information about herself that relates to her health and medical care, “the sex of the fetus is medically irrelevant information (except when managing rare sex-linked illnesses) and does not affect care.”卡勒士写道:“从医疗保健的角度来看,妇一旦下定决心堕胎时,通过超声波得知胎儿的性别情况将是执行堕胎手术的起点。”尽管女性有权力知晓自身健康和医疗保健情况,但是“除了能够检测到罕见的伴性疾病时,胎儿的性别着实是无关信息,它也不会影响到妇的日常护理。” /201408/320984 东莞祛痘印激光治疗价格东莞市附城医院祛疤手术多少钱



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