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Hurdle races are usually run over 110m for men and 100m for women; with longer races being 400m. In this Videojug guide Julia Hubbard, athlete and professional personal trainer, talks you through the correct way to jump hurdles.男子跨栏通常为110米,女子比赛为100米,更长的赛程为400米。在这段视频中,运动员和专业个人教练Julia Hubbard教给你怎样正确地跨栏。Top Tips建议As you get to the first hurdle, lean into it and extend your first leg.当你来到第一条栏杆的时候,倾斜身体,伸展第一条腿跨过去。Plant your leg quickly, and pull your trail leg through.迅速将这条腿站直,后面一条腿也迅速地跨过去。In a hurdles race you would ideally be looking to get three strides between hurdles, getting over the hurdles as economically as possible so you maintain your speed.在跨栏比赛中,每两条栏杆之间最好迈三大步,尽可能快地跨越栏杆,这样你才可以保持速度。In longer races your strides might decrease as you get tired, so you may need to take four or five steps between the hurdles;because of this you need to make sure you can lead and trail with both legs.在较长的赛程中,由于越来越疲劳,你的步伐也越来越小,每两条栏杆之间可能需要四五步来完成,鉴于这个因素,你必须锻炼任何一条腿都可以首先跨越栏杆。Thanks for watching How To Jump Hurdles.感谢收看“跨栏技巧”视频节目。注:视频暂缺视频听力栏目译文属。201303/228645China calls for calm regarding DPRKChina is calling on the UN Security Council to seek a solution that will ease tensions on the Korean peninsula and maintain peace and stability in the region.The five permanent members of the Security Council, along with Japan and South Korea, continue their discussions on a resolution responding to the DPRK's recent nuclear test. While there is talk of imposing further sanctions, China hopes the outcome will be one that helps ease tensions.Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said, "China has been active and responsible in the UN Security Council's consultations on the DPRK nuclear issue. We think the Council's response and decision should help realize the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, stop nuclear proliferation and maintain the peace and stability of Northeast Asia."06/72855From arranging the meeting place, to dealing with alcohol, this covers all the important issues about dating safely.从安排见面地点,到饮酒,这段视频包含了安全约会的所有重要事项。Step 1: Personal details1.个人信息If you are planning a date with someone you have never met before think twice before you give out personal details.如果你计划和从未谋面的人约会,给出个人信息之前一定要三思。Step 2: Plan2.计划Have an exit plan arranged, and work out how you are going to get home in advance. Set up a buddy system with a friend whereby they call you while on your date.提前准备好撤退计划,想好怎样提前回家。安排一个好友在你约会的时候打个电话给你。Let someone know where you are going and if you change you plans.如果临时改变计划,一定要有人知道你到哪里去了。Step 3: Meeting place3.约会地点Meet somewhere busy and public. Take a friend along if you feel safer.在人流比较集中的公共场合约会。带上一个朋友可以让你感觉更加安全。Step 4: Instincts4.直觉Trust your instincts, if you feel uneasy there may be a reason why. Make your excuses and leave. Dont arrange a second date.相信直觉,如果你感到不安,肯定有某种原因。找个借口离开。不要安排第二次约会。Step 5: Alcohol5.酒精Alcohol and drugs dull your awareness, loosens you inhibitions and reduces your ability to make safe choices.酒精和药物会迷惑你的理智,放松你的警惕,降低你做出安全选择的能力。Step 6: Threatening behaviour6.威胁行为Let the aggressor know they are making you uncomfortable. Dont fight aggression with aggression, but be firm and assertive,try to diffuse the situation.让侵犯者知道他们让你感到不舒。不要针锋相对,但是一定要坚定,尽量缓解气氛。Make others aware of the situation. If need to use a personal shriek alarm to distract your aggressor so you can get away.让其他人意识到你处于困境。如果需要的话,可以尖叫来发出警报声,转移侵犯者的注意力,这样你就可以逃脱。Step 7: Ending the date7.结束约会Avoid inviting your date back to your home or going back to theirs. Wait until you know them better. If you do, mention you have a flat mate.千万不要带约会对象回家或者去对方家。等到你更深入的了解他们之后再做决定吧。你可以告诉他有人和你合租。The best defence is common sense.最好的防御方法都是常识。Thanks for watching How To Date Safely.感谢收看“怎样安全约会”视频节目。201211/208055This Videojug film will give you some good techniques and tips on how to tell if a guy likes you.Videojug这段视频教给你一些很好的技巧和建议来鉴别某个男孩是否真心喜欢你。In this Im going to tell you how to tell if a guy likes you. First of all, study how he is with other girls. Is he the same with them as he is with you? Does it differ slightly? How does it differ? Write all these things down so you can really study them rationally and from an objective viewpoint.在这段视频中,我将告诉大家,怎样判断一个男孩是否喜欢你。首先,研究一下他和其他女孩在一起是怎么样的。和跟你在一起的时候表现一样吗?是否有细微的差别?有什么差别?把这些写下来,这样就可以从理性客观的角度进行研究。If you feel comfortable about doing it then ask people around you. If you have mutual friends, have they noticed something? Sometimes its must easier for other people to notice if someone has chemistry with somebody than it is with the people involved. Have a look at his eyes.如果你感到合适的话,可以问一下周围的人。如果你们有共同的朋友,他们有没有注意到什么?旁观者清,别人比你更容易注意到一个男孩是否对你有意思。可以看一下他的眼睛。Does he find it difficult to keep eye contact with you? This could be a nervousness because he knows he likes you and he doesnt want to let you know that. Are his pupils dilated? This is usually a sure sign that he definitely likes you. Does he gaze into your eyes for longer than he might to other people or for longer than seems natural? That can be a sure telltale sign that he definitely likes you.他是否很难跟你进行眼神交流?这可能是因为紧张,因为他知道自己喜欢你,他不想让你知道。他的瞳孔有没有放大?这是一个明显的征兆,他绝对喜欢你。他凝视你双眼的时间是不是比凝视其他人的时间长,或者长到不自然的程度?这也可以表明他肯定喜欢你。Does he go out of his way to spend time with you? Does he help you more than you think is necessary, or does he want to be your shoulder to cry on? Its unusual for a guy to show a sensitive side to somebody unless hes interested in them. At the end of the day its important to trust your gut instinct. Im sure that you know deep down whether or not he likes you.他是不是抛开自己要做的事来陪你?他对你的帮助是不是超出了必须,他是不是想借给你一个肩膀来哭泣?男孩很少表现出敏感多情的一面,除非他对你感兴趣。最后,一定要相信自己的直觉。我确信你内心深处非常清楚他是否喜欢你。Thanks for watching How To Tell If A Guy Really Likes You感谢收看“怎样判断一个男孩是否喜欢你”视频节目。201210/202572

Whether you’re looking to save money or to avoid allergens, homemade body powder lets you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin.无论你是为了省钱还是为了防止过敏,自制的爽身粉都会让你清楚知道你涂抹在身上的是什么。Step 1 Combine cornstarch and baking soda1.混合玉米淀粉和小苏打Combine cornstarch and baking soda in the jar. Add essential oil if youd like scented body powder.在罐子中混合玉米淀粉和小苏打。如果你喜欢有香味的爽身粉,可以加入一些精油。Add uncooked rice to the storage container to avoid clumping.向存储容器中加入未煮的大米,防止结块。Step 2 Pierce small holes in the lid of the jar2.在瓶盖上钻孔Use the hammer and nail to pierce small holes in the lid of the jar for shaking the powder out.使用锤子和钉子在瓶盖上钻孔,方便把爽身粉摇出来。Step 3 Screw lid onto jar3.拧上盖子Screw the lid onto the jar. Now you can feel good knowing you’ve saved money and have an all-natural body powder.拧上盖子。现在,你知道自己既省了钱,又拥有了全天然的爽身粉,感觉一定很好。Ancient Egyptians used a mix of copper, lead, and animal fat as eye shadow.古代埃及人使用铜,铅和动物脂肪的混合物来做眼影。201302/223721

希腊动荡的经济和政治已经波及今年夏天的旅游行业。European travel companies are planning for a possible Greek exit from the eurozone. The economic and political turmoil in Greece has aly hit bookings for this summer. Greek tourism officials earlier this year noted a drop in demand.Last year tourism contributed about 15.7 percent to Greece’s GDP. Some firms like the British Thomas Cook group said Greece’s possible exit presented positives and negatives for the travel industry.Some economists have suggested that if Greece drops the euro, its replacement currency would quickly lose value making holidays there cheaper and thus more attractive again.201205/182397


Your cover letter is the first contact that a potential employer has with you. To make a great impression, there are several cover letter mistakes that you should avoid if youd like to hear the words ;youre hired.;你的求职信是潜在雇主与你的首次接触。为了留下良好的印象,为了听到“你被雇佣了”这句话,你在书写求职信时必须避免几个错误。Step 1 Avoid exaggeration1.避免夸大其词Tell the truth. Refrain from exaggerating about what kind of a worker you are or about your experience. A good way to make sure youre not exaggerating is to cite specific examples from your work experience that applying to the description of the position youre applying for.实事求是,关于你的能力或你的经历不要夸张。避免夸大其词的一个好方法就是引用一些工作经验的具体例子,最好与现在申请的职位相关。Step 2 Personalize it2.个人化Let the employer know that you are applying to their company, not just any company. Personalize the letter with specific things you like about their products, services, or organization. Address the letter directly to a person, not a ;sir or madam.; If you cant find a contact name, use a title like Hiring Manager.让雇主知道你申请的就是他们公司,而不是针对任何一家公司。让求职信个人化,可以写一下你怎样喜欢他们的产品,务或组织。求职信的称呼具体到人,而不是简单的“先生或女士”。如果你找不到联系人的名字,可以使用“人事经理”等头衔。Step 3 Read and re3.检查Read and re to check for errors. A spell checker can find spelling errors, but it cant correct everything.多次检查有无错误。拼写检查器可以帮你找出拼写错误,但是不能纠正一切。Step 4 Include contact information4.写上联系信息Dont tell them youd love to hear from them and forget to include a phone number or e-mail address. Put your contact information in the letter even if it is aly on your resume.不要在告诉别人希望收到他们的回音的同时却忘记写上电话号码或电邮地址。即使你的简历中已经注明了电话号码,求职信中也要写上联系方式。Step 5 Dont copy your resume5.不要复制简历Write about the skills you have that would be useful to their organization, but dont just copy your resume. This is a time to tailor the message to the job you are applying for.书写对他们的组织有用的技能,但是不要复制简历。必须与你申请的工作职位相关。If you are mailing or faxing the letter, leave a space for a signature.如果你的求职信通过邮件或传真送达,留下签名的空间。Step 6 Stay within limits6.注意分寸Stay within limits -- this means two paragraphs for an e-mail letter and five for mailed and faxed letters. If you get the letter just right, youll leave the hiring manager wanting to know more!注意分寸——这意味着,电邮求职信需要两张照片,邮寄或传真求职信需要五张照片。如果你的求职信比较好,人事经理会希望更好地了解你。On average, an employer spends less than 20 seconds reviewing a resume.雇主花费在浏览简历上的时间只有不到20秒钟。201301/218050

Experiments have proved what dog owners have always suspected.实验明了主人一直猜想的那样After thousands of years living together,经过几百年人类和的共同生活dogs are attuned to us like no other animal.对人类的适应性是其他动物比不了的New research has taken our understanding of how dogs evolved新的研究让我们理解了是如何进化To a whole new level and getting到达一个新的高度的us closer to exactly what it means to be tame.让我们明白了什么叫驯Now dogs could be about现在可能送给我们的to provide us with the greatest gift of all.最好的礼物When it comes to combating human disease,就是当我们人类与疾病搏斗时dogs could hold many of the answers.可能为我们提供很多线索Theyre going to help us它们可以帮助我们tackle some of the most dangerous diseases研究一些现代社会中的重大疾病of our time that kill millions of people every year.这些疾病每年让数百万的人失去生命Dr. Elinor Karlsson, a geneticist埃莉诺·卡森教授是at the Brode Institute, harvard, is on the hunt哈佛布洛德研究所的遗传学家 正在探索for gene mutations that could throw light on human diseases.可能引起人类疾病的基因突变I think theres hundreds of我认为有数百种疾病diseases that are in common between dogs and humans.是和人类共有的Theres diabetes,比如糖尿病theres various cardiac diseases, theres epilepsy,比如各种心脏病 还有癫痫theres a lot of different cancers - bone cancers,还有很多不同的癌症 骨癌breast cancers, brain tumours.乳腺癌 脑瘤等The narrow gene pool within a dog breed一个品种的之间的基因的差异很小makes it far easier to pinpoint genetic mutations than in humans.使之相比人类更易找到基因突变位置201303/227916

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