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Apple#39;s rumored third-generation iPad Air might adopt not just a quad-speaker design, but also an LED flash for its rear-mounted camera, according to a design illustration shared on Monday.从周一曝光的设计图中可以看到,传说中的iPad Air 3可能不仅配备四个扬声器,还将为后置摄像头添加LED补光灯。The source of the information isn#39;t fully reliable, but has previously been accurate in two out of three occasions, said French site Nowhereelse.法国科技客网站Nowhereelse表示,该消息来源并不完全可靠,但是在它以往的三次预言中有两次是准确的。Doubling speaker ports would take the Air in the direction of the iPad Pro, giving it both louder sound and true stereo panning. An LED flash may be less likely, since while many people do use iPads for photography and scanning documents, Apple has consciously left flashes off of every previous iPad model — including the Pro.iPad Pro 把扬声器加倍到四个,iPad Air 3 将保留此项配置,以保更大的外放音量和完美的立体声平移。相比之下,添加LED补光灯听起来很不现实,毕竟在很多用户使用iPad拍照和扫描的情况下,苹果公司并没有在包括iPad Pro在内的平板产品中配备补光灯。Apple may want as many upgrades as possible to entice people to buy the Air. iPad sales have been declining for the past several quarters, and lower-cost Minis are now the most popular size format, although the Air 2 is the best-selling individual model.为了吸引用户购买,苹果公司可能希望尽可能多的进行产品升级。iPad销售量在过去的几个季度中持续下滑,虽然iPad Air 2是最热卖的单品,但是价格较低的iPad Mini系列产品目前看来是最受欢迎的尺寸。A third-gen Air is expected to ship sometime in the first half of 2016. Little else is known about it, though it will presumably play catch-up with the Pro through a faster processor.iPad Air 第三代产品有望在2016年上半年发布。该产品可能会配有比iPad Pro更快的处理器,除此之外目前没有更多的消息泄露出来。 /201601/424699

If you#39;re still painstakingly killing all your apps in the hopes of squeezing out some extra battery life from your iPhone, you can officially stop.如果你还在煞费苦心地通过关闭所有应用程序来为你的iPhone电池延长一点点寿命的话,那么现在你可以正式收手了。Apple#39;s iOS chief Craig Federighi has dispelled the myth that force closing your iPhone apps will help save your battery. The executive confirmed that killing apps isn#39;t necessary for your battery and said that he is not in the habit of closing his apps.苹果iOS总监克雷格·费德里吉已经澄清了关于强行关闭iPhone应用程序能够节约电池寿命的传言。费德里吉实:关闭切换的应用程序对延长你的电池寿命并无益处,同时也表示自己也没有随时关闭后台应用的习惯。Federighi, who oversees iOS and OS X, was responding to an email sent by an Apple customer to CEO Tim Cook when he made the comments. In the email, which was first published by 9to5Mac, the customer asked Cook, ;do you quit your iOS multitasking apps frequently and is this necessary of battery life?;费德里吉平常负责监督iOS和OS X开发,此前一位苹果手机用户在对产品进行反馈时向苹果公司CEO蒂姆·库克发送了一封邮件,费德里吉对这位顾客进行了回复。该邮件最先由9to5Mac网站公布,在邮件中,这位苹果用户询问库克:“你会不会经常随时关闭你的iOS的多任务应用程序,这对于提高续航是否有效?”Though the note, dated March 6, was sent to Cook, Federighi weighed in the next day with a simple answer. ;No and no,; he wrote.虽然这封邮件于3月6号发给的库克,但最后却是费德里吉在第二天代劳给予了回复。针对这位用户提出的两个问题,费德里吉的回答都是“no”。This is far from the first time this particular myth has been debunked. Apple#39;s own support page even states that ;generally, there#39;s no need to force an app to close unless it#39;s unresponsive.;这并不是苹果公司第一次澄清这个传言。苹果在自己的帮助页面甚至专门进行了声明:“一般来讲,没有必要强制关闭后台应用程序,除非手机出现卡顿等情况。”That#39;s because, as 9to5Mac and others have pointed out, most of the apps that appear in the multitasking view when you double press the home button aren#39;t actually running in the background.正如9to5Mac网站和其他媒体所言,不用关闭后台的原因在于,当你双击手机主画面按钮时,显示在屏幕列表上的大多数应用程序并没有真正运行,只是你在过去已经打开的应用程序的静态图像。Of course, it#39;s always a good idea to check your app settings every once in awhile to make sure that the apps that are using your location actually need it — as location services tend to use up the most battery. Also, disabling background refresh on apps you don#39;t use very much is a good idea. Some apps, like Facebook#39;s, may be worse offenders at sucking your battery dry than others.当然,每隔一段时间查看你的应用程序管理,以便确定正在使用定位功能的程序是否确实需要GPS这一功能倒是个不错的习惯。因为通常来讲,这些定位务会消耗手机大量的电量。此外,禁用那些不常用的后台刷新程序也是一个较好的办法。有些软件,比如Facebook这一类软件比其他软件更容易消耗你的电量。 /201603/432255

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