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Four days laterMom: Johnny, I want to thank you.Johnny: What do you mean, Mom? breaking your best china?Mom: Oh, Johnny, that stuff was dollar store junk. No, I want to thank you keeping Grandma busy.Johnny: Well, it more like she kept me busy...Mom: I know, and normally she trying to tell ME how to clean MY house. So, thank you.Johnny:Am I back in your good books?Mom: Not only that, but Im going to buy you that game after all!参考译文:四天后妈妈: 强尼,我想谢谢你强尼: 妈,你的意思是什么?谢我打破你最好的瓷器吗?妈妈: 喔,强尼,那不过是一元商店的便宜货不,我是要谢谢你一直让奶奶有得忙……强尼: 呃,比较像她让我一直有得忙吧……妈妈: 我知道,一般她都是想教「我」如何清理「我」家所以谢谢你强尼: 我又重新得宠了吗?妈妈: 不只如此,我终于要帮你买新电玩游戏了!重点词汇:dollar store一元商店,专门卖便宜日用品的商店,定价皆为美金一元,类似本地的十元商店Everything costs one dollar at the dollar store.在一元商店里,每样东西都卖一美元keep someone busy让某人有事可忙,让某人闲不下来My teacher keeps me busy with a lot of homework.我的老师给了一堆功课让我闲不下来 3870Now, please look up at my fingers, and take another nice deep breath and relax all the way down, down, down to your feet. Sure, hypnotherapy is helping Michael Casey relax, but it has also helped him lose weight, 1 pounds, to be exact, gone in months. There is no sense of depravation, which is the really nice thing. I'm not punishing myself; I'm not starving myself; I'm not uncomtable; I'm not feeling like a martyr; I’m just not eating the way I used to. Relax.This wasn't his first weight-loss attempt. Oh, I've done all kinds of diets, I’ve tried the no carb, I’ve tried the high carb, I’ve tried the no fat, and I tried just basic calorie counting . But nothing worked until he underwent six 90-minute sessions with certified hypnotherapist Olga Stevko in San Francisco. It is so good. Olga says she reached Michael's subconscious mind to help change some of his thoughts and beliefs about food. You acctually can go to the root cause of those emotions, which linked to overeating or eating unhealthy foods. And you can neutralize those emotions. She also helped him embrace exercise. Hypnosis will, might wake them to really, really want to exercise. Olga says she's helped more than 0 clients tighten their belts. You are eating smaller portions of... But the MDs and registered dietitians we talked with remained skeptical. They question the effectiveness of this therapy and whether it would work on most people. Olga says her clients are proof, hypnotherapy works. They can tell you that every single client who came to me and stay with my program. Every single client lost weight. Michael now visits Olga once a month maintenance and if he's out of town, he can undergo a phone-hypnotherapy session. At your ideal, healthiest body weight. Michael is no longer a member of the Clean Plate Club. He’s kissed Mayonnaise goodbye and the veggies he once shunned? Mayonnaise: a dressing made of egg yolks, vegetable oils, and vinegar or lemon juice. It is a popular condiment used in the ed States, but is very fattening. Now I look the vegetables first, I just, you know, I love them. In this session, Olga asks him to say the two words that describe how he feels now. Agile and young. Agile and young. Good. Michael describes it as meditation with a purpose, and credits the mind changing sessions with ending 5 years of dieting and giving him a new body. 901

Part 3. Good better bestA. Keywords. best, qualities.Vocabulary. give a shot, genuinely, considerate.Listen to six people talking about their best qualities and complete the following chart in note m.What are my best qualities?This is a difficult question someone to answer, I think.But Ill give a shot, I think my best qualities are probably that I have a good sense of humor.I genuinely like people and I like talking to people. And I like to be entertaining if I can possibly be.What is my best quality?Id say my best quality is my friendliness.I always try to be positive and polite and friendly to people who I meet, especially the first time and I try to continue that.But regardless of who they are, I try to give them, you know, treat them friendly.I just, I enjoying be friendly. So it not really work to me, it just part of my personality.What are my best qualities?My best qualities are the fact that I am a good friend.I am considerate and caring.Im a good listener, I can always, Im always there to hear if my friends having a bad day or just really need to talk.And I think Im just really nice, even though Im not always nice to everyone.To the people I really I care and love, Ill always put them into importance.I will always make them very important in my life.So what my best quality?I think my best quality has to be the ability to laugh at myself.English humor is very much based around laughing at yourself and also laughing with others at themselves.So my best quality definitely is that I can laugh at myself and with others when they laugh at me.What my best quality?I think it that Im very open-minded.So I always, Im not afraid of new things and nothing shocks me.So I learn new things a lot that most people dont because they are too narrow-minded, I think.OK, what are my best qualities?I guess the one that I think is the most important me is to be curious.I want to find out new things, I want to go places, I want to have new experience.I dont like to just sit around where I know everything, because it stops being interesting and inspiring after a while.I like to have new things happen to me and meet new people and that is what keeps me creative and I have fresh ideas that way.B. Keywords. qualities, good, student, boss, friend, parent.Vocabulary. delegate, minion, unconditional, tarnish, quality time.Listen to Matt explaining what he thinks makes a good student, friend, parent and boss.Complete the following chart.So, Matt, Were taking about adjectives this week and, or qualities about people.So let talk about what makes people good at what they do.First of all, What do you think makes a good student?Were both teachers, so in your mind, what a good student?I think somebody who is motivated, self-motivated and somebody who takes an interest in what they are doing and works at it.And I mean, as a teacher, I always enjoy people who are outgoing and have a personality.But I know reality is that not every student can be like that.So you just try to... as a student I think that the most important thing is to show interest and participate and work outside of class.Right, I totally agree.OK, so now how about work? What makes a good boss?Ive had so many different jobs and so many different bosses.I think a good boss is somebody who knows his... the people that work him, and he knows strengthsand he can communicate or she can communicate what they really want each workerand somebody who can delegate to responsibility.But that shows that they know and they care about what their minions are doing them.Right, OK, now moving on. How about what makes a good friend?A good friend? I think somebody who just can listen and kind of unconditional love almost or like anything that you do,anything that you do, you know, cant tarnish relationship and somebody who is loyal and who is honest basically.OK. and this is the last one. What makes a good parent?A good parent? Not that I would know from firsthand experience.But I think, you know, just somebody who is there always and who takes care of the child and, you know, spends time I think, spends quality time.People who work hard can, you know, tend to get about their child if theyre too focused on other things,and parents who really are there and listen and talk to the kid usually have the greatest success.Right. OK, thanks a lot. Matt. I appreciate your time. (Youre welcome, Yeah) 356

Native rate of speech, to preach to the choir, common sense, “though” at the end of a sentence, possess vs. own, allow you to vs. allows you to, pronouncing “twenty” and “ninety,” picking a suitor, a make-out sceneWords:nativerateto preach to the choirsermonchoir loftpulpitcommon sensethoughto possessto ownto allow someone tosuitorto make-outto watch the ball drop 38

  Episode 8: The newcomer Alice: Hi Michal! Look what I found in a box, near the rubbish bins outside the hospital. Can you believe someone wanted to throw her away! Isn’t she adorable? Michal: What are you going to call her? How about Bronka? That’s a good Polish name. Alice: Mm, I think she looks more like a Co-Co...Oh, hi Helen, meet our new flatmate. We just need to find a name her. Helen: Em, I don't think so. You know we’re not allowed pets in the flat. It’s against the rules. 791

  7  Lessons from Geese  Lesson 1  As each goose flaps its wings, it creates an uplift the bird following it. By flying in V-mation, the whole flock adds 70% greater flying range than if it flew alone.  People who share a common direction and sense of commy can get where they are going quicker and more easily because they are traveling on the trust and support of one another.  Lesson   Whenever a goose falls out of mation, it quickly gets back into mation to take advantage of the lifting power of the bird ahead, but not try to fly alone.  If we have as much sense as geese, we will stay in mation with those who are headed where we want to go and be willing to accept their help, as well as give ours to others.  Lesson 3  When the lead goose gets tired, it rotates back into the mation and another goose flies at the point position.  It pays to take turns doing the hard tasks and sharing leadership. With people as with geese, we are interdependent on each other skills and capabilities and special talents and resources of the individuals.  Lesson   The geese in a mation honk from behind to encourage those in front to keep up their speed.  We need to make sure our honking from behind is encouraging and not something else. In groups where there is great encouragement against great obstacles, the production is much greater. This is the power of encouragement. At the center of encouragement is ;courage;, and the root of courage is a Latin word that means ;heart;. Maybe honking strengthens the heart.  Lesson 5  When a goose gets sick, or wounded, or shot down, two geese drop out of mation and follow it to help and protect it. They stay with it until it is either able to fly again or dies. Then they launch out on their own with another mation or catch up with the flock.  If we have as much sense as geese, we too will stand by each other in difficult times as well as when we are strong. 18。

  1. Where did Doug and Diane first meet?A. at schoolB. at a restaurantC. at a party. How did he know where she lived?A. He asked a friend directions.B. He followed her home.C. He looked her up in the phone book.3. Where does Doug invite her to go with him on Thursday?A. to a restaurantB. to a theaterC. to a dance. What is Diane response to his invitation on Thursday?A. She cant go out because she has to study.B. She is sorry, but she has another date.C. She has to work that day, so she cant go.5. How does Diane feel about Doug idea Friday?A. She thinks if would be a great idea if she had the time.B. She feels that it would be uninteresting outing.C. She has done the activity bee, so shed rather not go. 3791

  Teacher Feels Dizzy晕眩The teacher walked into the classroom. He said, “Good evening, everybody.” The students said, “Good evening, teacher.” He walked over to his desk. He put his briefcase on his desk. He opened his briefcase. He took his notebook out of his briefcase. He took his books out of his briefcase. Suddenly, he felt dizzy. The room was spinning. He sat down. What was wrong with him? He put his hands on the desk. The desk was spinning. He closed his eyes. He opened his eyes. He didn’t know what to do. What was wrong? He was sitting in his chair. But he felt like he was floating in air. How could he be floating in air? He sat in his chair another minute. His students were talking to one another. They did not know how he felt. But he didn’t tell them how he felt. He didn’t say anything.老师走入教室他说:“同学们晚上好”学生说:“老师晚上好”他走向讲台将公文包放在讲台打开公文包将笔记本拿出将书本拿出突然,他感到晕眩教室在旋转他坐下来他怎么了?他将手放在讲台上讲台在旋转他合上眼睛他睁开眼睛他不知道怎么办怎么了?他坐在椅子上但他感到自己在空中飘荡他怎么在空中游荡?他又在椅子上坐了一分钟学生们窃窃私语他们不知道老师怎么了他也没有说他什么都没说译文属原创,,不得转载 73901.axis n. 轴;轴线;轴心国The shaft turns about its axis. 轴围绕自己的轴线转动Every axis has a principal node type . 每个轴具有一个主节点类型.The rising and setting of the sun 日出日落3.phonograph n. 留声机;电唱机Between the fireplace and the phonograph table is a stand newspapers. 在壁炉和放唱机的桌子之间有一个放报纸的架子He invented not only the phonograph, but the entire sound recording industry. 他不仅发明了唱机,而且还有整个录音工业. jiggle vt. 轻摇Electrons can jiggle and wiggle in a more energetic manner. 原子能以更有力的方式旋转与振动5.latitude n. 纬度;界限;活动范围Prolong the sponge along the longitude and latitude at an altitude. 沿着经度和纬度在一个高度延长海绵Historic Town Destroyed in Italy Earthquake历史古镇在意大利地震中被毁At least 9 people are dead and up to 00 injured after a 6. magnitude earthquake struck in a mountainous area of central Italy this week. Villagers quickly began sifting through the rubble with hands and farm tools to try to find survivors. Approximately three quarters of the historic town of Amatrice was destroyed in the quake. A popular pasta festival was scheduled to occur there this weekend. One of the only things still standing in Amatrice is the clock tower, which stopped at 3:36 am, the exact time the quake struck.本周,意大利中部山区发生6.级地震,至少造成9人死亡,00多人受伤震后不久村民们便用双手或农具在碎石中搜寻幸存者阿马特里切古镇大约有四分之三的地区在地震中被摧毁原本计划本周在此开展广受欢迎的意大利面美食节阿马特里切依然矗立不倒的建筑物是钟楼,时间停在凌晨3:36,正是地震发生的确切时间译文属原创,,不得转载 635

  Voice 1: Jozef writes our next letter. He is from Slovakia. Jozef writes:声音1:下一封信来自乔泽夫他来自斯洛文尼亚乔泽夫写道:Voice 3: ;I have been visiting your website and listening to ... Spotlight about five months. They are very good. I wanted to do better in English. I hope this is the right way to improve my skills. I have a problem with writing and speaking. But I am good at understanding. I gave your [website] address to one girl. And after some weeks she told me she [listens] to you very often!;声音3:五个月以来,我一直有访问你们的网站,收听重点报道节目这些节目太棒了我想提高英语能力我希望这是提高我英语能力的正确方法我在写作和口语方面存在问题不过我的理解力很好我把你们的网站推荐给了一个女孩几星期以后她告诉我,她经常听你们的节目!Voice : Jozef, we are so pleased to hear that! As you know, Spotlight does not teach English. But many people do find that Spotlight is helpful learning English. If you would like more resources learning English you can visit our website. Go towww.Radio.English.net. Then, click on the links page. There you will find links to more websites that may be helpful to you!声音: 乔泽夫,听到你这么说我们非常高兴!如你所知,重点报道节目并不教英语不过,有许多人发现重点报道节目对学习英语很有帮助如果你想获得更多英语学习资料,你可以访问我们的网站,www.Radio.English.net打开网站后,点击链接你会发现很多对你有用的网站链接Voice 1: And thank you sharing our website with your friend! It can be fun to discuss programs with other people. It can also be great speaking, listening, and understanding practice!声音1:谢谢你把我们的网站分享给你的朋友!和其他人讨论节目内容会充满乐趣而且还可以作为练习口语、听力和理解的好方法译文属 65凤翔木版画吸收了其他省木版画的优良传统,又吸取了汉唐壁画、石刻及古代绣像插图、秦腔的身段造型,结合民俗需要和人们的审美趣味,再经过历代艺人不断加工创造,逐渐形成凤翔木版画独特艺术风格和浓郁的地方特色它赢得广大农民的喜爱,成为春节必备的年货,是百姓不可缺少的精神食粮 China's Only Artist of Fengxiang Woodblock Printmaking Welcome to Heartbeat, the show that gets to the centre of China's ever-changing lifestyle, yet still manages to discover the country's rich cultural heritage. I'm your host Jules Page.On today's program we'll focus on traditional aspects of Chinese culture as well look towards China's future. We'll meet Tai Liping, who is working hard to revive the traditional craft of woodblock printmaking of Chinese New Year posters.We'll then speak with an inspirational young woman, year old Li Chuheng, a high school student from Beijing, who recently participated in the Children's Climate um, in Copenhagen.And as China moves from 'Made in China' to 'created in China' we'll provide a glimpse into a 'box shop', a new trend in Chinese design and retail.In China, there are various Chinese New Year posters, dotted around during the Chinese New Year's celebration. Fengxiang (凤翔) woodblock printmaking new year posters are among the most distinguished ones. Prosperous in the past, Fengxiang New Year posters were ever at risk of vanishing. It is Tai Liping (邰立平) who manages to revive this traditional folk handicraft through his painstaking efts. Today Yingying brings us the story of Tai Liping, China's only artist of Fengxiang practiced in woodblock printmaking of new year's posters. 91


  Part . Network and networking.A. keywords. connection, systems, broadcasting, television, computers, relations,Vocabulary. costly.A1. Listen to a report about the word ;network;.Supply the explanation the word.New things in this world changed as fast as languages.Everyday, new words are created to deal with new ideas or new technology.New meanings also are added to existing words.A dictionary published years ago may show one or two meanings a word.A dictionary published today may list several more meanings the same word.;Network; is one such word.It combine two words: the first is ;net;, it means materials that are connected; the second is ;work;, one meaning of ;work; is a system.;Network; means a connection of systems that work together.The systems that networks connected can be very different. example, radio and television stations can be connected in the network, so can computers, and even people.Word expert Mild Matthew found written uses of the word ;network; in the late 1800.The word then was used as a verb, a word that shows action.At that time, ;network; meant the connection of real roads or other vehicles used travel.One publication said it is only a question of time when the railroads will network an area of the American West called the ;Pan Handle;.Another publication of the time said complete areas are network by trolley cars, which are a kind of electric train.Now we often hear network used in connections with broadcasting.The Barnhart Dictionary of New English says that as early as 19, people used it to mean a connected system of radio stations.This meaning continues to be popular.A more modern use of the word ;network; is linking to computers.A network is a system that links a number of computers together.Network make it possible people who use computers to share inmation in costly equipment.Many companies and government agencies share the same computer network.The computers are linked through a main computer or through special lines.Some people are able to do their jobs from their home computers.Computer network also permit an exchange of unofficial inmation and discussions between computer users.By linking their computers to telephones, people can buy goods through their computers.They can send messages to friends in many countries.Another modern use of the word ;network; concerns relations between people.Ideas and inmation are exchanged by people who network to share interests and goals.Many Americans network to get better jobs or to meet new friends.Meeting new friends by networking is not work though is fun.A. Now listen again, focus on the original use and modern use of the word ;network;.Supply the missing inmation.B. Keywords. wire, dormitories, high-speed Internet access, a top priority.Vocabulary. merger, pipeline, envision, priority, meager, budget, fraction,bulk, toll, mow down, simultaneously, antiquated.B1. Listen to a report about the Internet.Focus on the areas and examples that the Internet will bring changes in.Supply the missing inmation.The proposed merger of America Online and Time Warner anticipates an age when high-speed Internet access is everything.It will be a pipeline almost all the entertainment, communications and inmation that people consume.It is an era so distant to most Americans that they can hardly envision it.And yet it aly exists.In fact, it the only world today college students know.Colleges across the ed States have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in recent years wiring dormitories high-speed Internet access.When admissions people go out and talk to students these days, the students always ask: ;Do you have a high-speed network? ;Indeed, today students, having high-speed Internet access is top priority.They base their housing decisions on it, and restructure their meager student budgets to afd it.College administrators acknowledge that academic pursuits are just a fraction of the activity on their campus networks.The bulk of the traffic consist of data containing music files, instant messages, toll-free phone calls, e-commerce orders, online games and just about anything.At a high-rise dorm at the university of Southern Calinia, walking down the hallway on the eighth floor almost any time of the day, youre likely to hear students in seperate rooms shouting at each other: ;you killed me.;As they mow each other down in online games played over the network.Friends from the opposite ends of the floor simultaneously make the elevators.Theyve just messaged each other by computer that ;it time to head off to the dining commons.;To them, knocking on someone door is a antiquated th century tradition.Today students register classes, get the homework assignments, research papers and attend professors ;virtual office hours; on line.Some universities even post course lectures on the net, so that students can review them any time they wish.Just as one of the students put it: ;We live our lives over the Internet.;B. Now discuss the following questions after youve heard the report.1. When you choose a university, will you consider high-speed Internet access a top priority? Why or Why not?. What facilities do you think are a must that a university should offer in the future?3. What do you think of attending professors ;virtual office hours; on line? It is better than the traditional way? 1836。

  Early voters sweeping the U.S. A key strategy both campaigns this week is the prospect of swaying early voters. Even bee Election Day, records have been set in these years, presidential race officials are reporting record turned out an early voting with many locations extending hours to handle the numbers. N’s Kerry Sanders has been watching a long line team in Florida today; he joins us now from outside Orlando. Kerry good evening!Good evening, Lester. It is unprecedent of the line here three hours’ long. It will continue well into the night. Nationwide, it’s estimated 30%, that’s 0 million voters will have cast their votes early. By the time the sun was up lining at some Florida early voting site extended three hours, and the way only got longer. Still, five-hour-long lines turned few voters away. The line is this long on Saturday, that gonna be terrible on Tuesday. In this battleground, states estimated more than 3 million voters have aly cast ballots. 30% of all is register voters. Both parties here acknowledge more Democrats than Republicans have voted early. “The McCain supporters are little more quiet with how they support him. So you definitely can’t draw an conclusion from that, cause that’s just inaccurate, it doesn’t say anything about who’s voting who.”More than 30 states have early voting, experts say at this rate, one in three voters will have cast their choices bee Tuesday’ from Georgia, the South Carolina to across the nation. Election observers say this year’s early voters are decidedly younger and African American. “That’s worth the wait, if I had to wait all day long, if I had to wait two days, I still will wait.”With lining this long, a good question maybe why not just use an absentee ballot, stick it in an envelop and mail it in, here in Florida voters say, because humanism in the past have caused some absentee ballots to be missed. They wanna to stand in line no matter how long to make sure their votes are counted. Lester.Kerry Sanders in Florida, now Kerry ,thank you. 1973

  Famous Americans: Weird Al Yankovic; Alcoholics Anonymous; figure out versus realize; kind of; noun + --ee and --erWords:weirdparodyto make light ofrelevantalcoholicaddictedanonymousto break an addictionsobersupport groupto abstainmentorto figure outkind of 6

  大家对名人感兴趣吗?我想大家在提及自己的偶像时一定会滔滔不绝,你们想听听你们的偶像是如何用英语表述自己的吗?那么,还等什么?快快随我一起来倾听他们的声音吧!~ 39

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