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24. The Bus System (1) 24.公交系统(1)A: I have to go to Downtown Los Angeles today.A:我今天必须去洛杉矶市中心。B: What for? Are you visiting someone?B:为什么?你去拜访谁吗?A: No, I have an important job interview there.A:不是,我在那有一个很重要的工作面试。B: How are you planning on getting there?B:你打算怎么到那?A: I would drive. but my car overheated last night.A:我本想开车去。但我车的发动机昨晚过热了坏掉了。B: It looks like youre going to have to ride the bus.B:看来你要搭公交去了。A: I havent ridden the bus in years.A:我已经好几年没搭过公交。B: I can help you out if you want.B:如果你需要的话我可以帮你。A: That would be great! What could you tell me about the bus system in Los Angeles?A:那太好了!你能告诉我关于洛杉矶公交系统的什么?B: Speaking from experience, I could tell you how efficient it is.B:根据经验来说,我可以告诉你它是多么高效。A: Do you take the bus to Los Angeles frequently?A:你经常乘公交去洛杉矶吗?B: Only every week, Monday through Friday for the past two years.B:只是每周都乘,过去两年的周一至周五搭公交。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201604/438614。

My alarm hasnt gone off yet. 我闹钟还没响呢。A:Hey,Jim,its time to wake up and get out of bed.嗨吉姆,醒一醒,该起床了。B:Do I have to get up now?我必须现在起床吗?A:Yd better get up,or youll be late.你最好现在起床,要不然你会迟到的。B:What are you talking about?My alarm hasnt gone off yet.你说什么呀,我的闹钟还没响呢。A:Yes,it did.It went off 30 minutes ago.You slept right through it.Youre like a dead person while you sleep.响过了,30分钟前就响过了。你睡过了,睡得像死猪一样。背景音乐:Glee cast—Saving all my love for you关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201612/485895。

Mike: Hey, Mari.迈克:嗨,马里。Mari: Hey.马里:嗨。Mike: So, I told you about Florida. How about you tell me something about New York?迈克:我和你说了佛罗里达州的情况。你能和我说说纽约吗?Mari: New York, yeah. I was born in New York, and I lived there for a little bit over half of my life. Theres lots to do in New York.马里:纽约,好的。我出生在纽约,到目前为止,我人生中一半以上的时间都在纽约度过。纽约有很多可以做的事情。Mike: So, what part are you from?迈克:你来自纽约哪里?Mari: I was born in New York City and then I grew up in the suburbs about 40 minutes north of New York City.马里:我出生在纽约市,在纽约市以北40分钟车程的郊区长大。Mike: So, what did you do growing up?迈克:你怎么度过的成长阶段?Mari: When I was very young I used to go to museums with my parents or go to Broadway shows, and go shopping as well.马里:我小时候经常和父母一起参观物馆,看百老汇演出,还有购物。Mike: So, you like the city life?迈克:你喜欢城市生活吗?Mari: I do like the city life. Its very convenient. Its energetic. Theres lots to do, and New York City is really diverse so its fun to see the different communities and different people and tourists walking around.马里:我很喜欢城市生活,便利又充满活力。城市里有很多活动,纽约是个非常多样化的城市,有各种各样的社区,看着各种各样的人和游客在周围走动感觉很有趣。Mike: So if I was visiting New York, what should I do?迈克:如果我去纽约旅行,你会建议我做什么?Mari: It depends on which season went to visit, so I dont know if you went during the spring or summer time, I would suggest that you spend some time in Central Park. Go see sports. A lot of sporting events during the summer and there are a lot of events also in Central Park. Theres outdoor theater and music concerts and stuff but if you went maybe in the wintertime, you should go see all the windows on Fifth Avenue that are decorated with very holiday themed decorations and Rockefeller Center is know for their big Christmas tree, and you just get a really fun feeling in New York City. Everyones a little bit more nicer, and I dont know, I like all the seasons in New York City so it depends on which season you decide to visit.马里:这要取决于你在哪个季节去纽约旅行,如果是春季或夏季去纽约游玩,那我建议你去中央公园看体育比赛。夏季有许多体育赛事,纽约中央公园也会举行多种赛事。还可以去露天剧场或参加户外音乐节,不过如果你冬天去,那可以去第五大道上观赏用节日主题饰装饰的橱窗,还可以去看洛克菲勒中心那颗著名的圣诞树,在纽约市可以玩得很开心。纽约市民都很友善,我喜欢纽约市的所有季节,如何游玩要取决于旅行季节。Mike: Ah, sounds great, so theres a lot of things to do in New York.迈克:听起来太棒了,纽约有很多活动。Mari: Yeah.马里:对。 译文属 /201603/429267。

《地道英文闲聊脱口秀》收录了经典的地道的英语口语内容,脱口秀中包含许多纯正的英语习惯用语及英语句型,是学习英语口语,练习英语发音的很好的英语学习材料。在轻松的氛围中,英语学习爱好者可以很快掌握英语口语知识,了解国外的风土人情,逐渐培养良好的英语语感,是提高英语水平的必备英语学习教程。 /201501/350617。

8.We can not find our reserved car.我们找不到预约的汽车。Useful Expressions常用语句1.Where is the taxi stand?出租车停车站在哪里?2.Where is the pay phone?公用电话在哪里?3.Where is the limousine bus going downtown?到城市中心去的小巴士在哪里?4.How much does it cost to get to the downtown area?到城市中心去要多少钱呢?5.May I board the bus?我可以搭巴士吗?6.Here,I have my confirmation slip.这就是我的确认单。Practical Conversation实用会话A:Hello,is this the A Company?喂,这是A公司吗?B:Yes.May I help you?是的,我能为你务吗?A:We have just arrived from Tokyo and weve been looking for our reserved car of your company all over,but we cannot find it.我们刚从东京来的,我们一直在寻找向贵公司预约好的汽车,但我们都找不到。B:What is your reservation number?请问你的预约号码好吗?A:Our reservation number is J-221.我们的预约号码是J-221号。B:Let me see.Oh,yes.We have your reservation number.请让我看一下,啊,是的。我们有你的预约号码。A:You mean you havent arranged any car.你的意思是你们没有安排任何车。B:Im sorry to say ;No.;很抱歉,“没有”。A:Here,Ill take a taxi instead.How do you refund us?我改坐出租车,你们怎样退还钱给我们呢? /201501/355320。

on the rangerange“练习场”是指练习的地方:那里有网子可以让你把球打进去。on the coursecourse是指你和其他人一起比赛的地方。play a shot轮到你打球。feel your tempo当打高尔夫球的人谈及良好的挥杆时,他们就会这么说。selecting a club打高尔夫球的人会在球袋里放一些不同的球杆创门的重量都不一样,而且适合不同类型的挥杆。选择适当的球杆来打球是件重要的事。line of puttputt是指沿着地面轻推,以便把球打入洞中。line of putt是指球要进洞的行进方向。early holes比赛的前几洞。总共有18个洞。finishing holes比赛的最后几洞。practice teetee是指在该洞第一次挥击时的小台子(开球区域)。smooth backswing高尔夫球的挥杆包含两个部分,一是把球杆后移的向后挥击( backswing ),一是把球打出去的向下挥击(downswing ).shoot in the 70s在18洞的球场中,70杆以下的成绩对职业选手来说算是很好的成绩。成绩的算法是选手挥击的总杆数加上罚杆。on the greengreen是一块很平顺的短草地,上面有洞。中文习惯称为“果岭”。 /201607/455999。