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21.使用手机常用应急场景范例一:Vibration modeDi d you hear something?Oh, it is my cell phone ringing. I set it in the vibration mode.It is a good habit to set your cell phone to vibrate. It is very annoying to hear the loud and sudden ring tone in quiet offices.You are right. Some ring tone is just terribly loud. You can hear it even in the next door. It is really a kind of distraction.Maybe we can write a report to the boss to see what can be done.Good idea.范例二:Rules for using cell phoneHave you the new rules about using cell phone at work?Yes, not bad. Like turn your cell phone ringer off and find a private place to make calls which it’s showing your respect to your co-workers.Well, but for this one, don’t bring your cell phone to meetings, I think it is not reasonable. What if there are some important calls?Well, this one is not compulsory. It is just suggestion. I didn’t pay attention to that. /12/90698工作经验招聘方往往希望知道应聘者的工作性质是否和招聘的职位有关,或者应聘者从以往的工作中吸取到了哪些有用的经验。即便过去的工作和现在应聘的职位无关,也不能说是什么都没学到,因为每份工作都有它可取之处。有时也许由于种种原因,雇员跳槽比较多,但这不一定是坏事,所以如果自己是属于这种情况,可以向雇主说明干过多种工作使自己经验丰富,能为雇主更好的务。 BASIC EXPRESSIONS 基本句型表达1) Do you have any work experience in this field?你有这个行业的工作经验吗?2) What kind of jobs have you had?你做过哪些工作?3) What抯 your responsibility at your present work unit?现在这个单位你负责什么工作?4) I am responsible for product distribution.我负责产品销售。5) I have 4 years抏xperience in staff management.我有四年管理员工的经验。6) I have experience as a receptionist.我做过接待员。7) What have you learned from the jobs you have had?你从过去的工作中学到了什么?8) Would you like to tell me something about your outstanding achievements?谈谈你的工作业绩好吗?9) How would you evaluate the company you are with?你将如何评价你现在的公司?CONVERSATIONS 会话(AApplicant IInterviewer)Dialogue 1I: Do you have any work experience in this field?A: Yes. After my graduation from university, I worked as a Customer Service Coordinator in a foreign representative office, and then I transferred to a joint venture as a Market Deve1opment Manager. So I am familiar with the market in China.I: What have you learned from the jobs you have had?A: I learned to be patient when dealing with customers complaints and try my best to solve them. In addition, I learned at my previous jobs how to cooperate with my colleagues.I: Does your current employer know you are looking for another job?A: No, I haven抰 discussed my leaving plans with my current employer, but I am sure he will release me.I: What is your impression of your present company?A: Very good.I: What would your current colleague say about you? A: They would say I抦 a dependable and hard worker. I: 你有这个行业的工作经验吗?A: 有,在我大学毕业后,我就到一家外企代理处做了一名顾务协调员,之后我转到一家合资企业做市场发展部经理,所以我对中国市场非常熟悉。I: 那你从以前的工作中学到了些什么?A: 我学会了在处理客户的抱怨时要有耐心而且要尽力为他们解决困难。而且,我还学会了如何与同事共同合作。I: 你现在的老板知道你在找另一份工作吗?A: 不知道,我还没有和他讨论我要离职的计划,但我坚信他会让我走的。I: 你对你现在这个公司印象如何?A: 非常好。I: 你现在的同事会如何评价你呢?A: 他们会说我是一个值得信赖并且工作刻苦的人。Dialogue 2I: What kind of jobs have you had?A: I have been a Production Manager.I: How many years have you worked as a Production Manager?A: 3 years.I: Would you like to tell me something about your outstanding achievements?A: I had introduced an advanced product line, which increased the output and lessened the cost.I: Wonderful. Then how many employers have you worked for?A: Frankly speaking, three. If your company employs me, it will be my fourth. I: Then have you received any award at your present company?A: Yes. I was awarded the title of 揂dvanced Worker last year. I: How would you evaluate the company you are with?A: Although I could not say that everything is perfect there,I still very much appreciate what the company has given me,especial many chances.I: How would your colleagues evaluate you?A: They would say I am a responsible friend and a capable colleague.I: Can you get recommendations from your present employers?A: Yes, I have brought them with me. Here they are.I: Do you have any questions?A: I think that you have covered all the important points aly. But if I have any questions later I will contact you. I: 你都做过什么工作?A: 我做过生产经理。I: 你做了几年的生产经理?A: 三年。I: 能给我谈谈你的突出业绩吗?A: 我曾经引进了一条先进的生产线,产量得到了提高,而且成本也降了下来。I: 非常不错,那你为几个雇主工作过?A: 坦白地说,三个。如果我被贵公司录取,这将是我第四份工作。I: 那你在目前这个公司获得过什么奖励吗?A: 有,去年我获得了“先进工作者”的称号。I: 你将如何评价你现在的公司?A: 虽然我不能说它尽善尽美,但我仍然非常感谢它给了我很多,尤其是许多机会。I: 你的同事会如何评价你呢?A: 他们会说我是一个值得信赖的朋友和很有能力的同事。I: 你目前这个雇主能给你写推荐信吗?A: 可以,我已经把它带来了,给你。I: 你有什么问题要问吗?A: 我想你已经把所有重点都提到了,不过如果以后我有什么问题,我会与你联系的。 /200602/4198You may be amused by the Indian custom of eating with the fingers.你可能会对印度人用手指抓饭吃的习俗感到十分有趣。You may be amused by the Indian custom of eating with the fingers.你可能会对印度人用手指抓饭吃的习俗感到十分有趣。My three-year-old son docs that.我三岁的儿子就那样吃饭。Many Indian women wear only saris in public and adopting local mannerisms-很多印度妇女在公开场合只穿着纱丽,并遵循当地习俗。There is a custom in India children are buried alive to exorcism.印度当地有一个习俗即“活埋”儿童来驱魔。Westerners prefer to open a gift at once and admire it. 西方人喜欢立即打开礼物欣赏它。Westerners prefer to open a gift at once and admire it.西方人喜欢立即打开礼物欣赏它。May they like it.但愿他们喜欢。Westerners love to receive and give out gifts.西方人很喜爱接收礼物和赠送礼物。People in the West make it a rule to buy Christmas presents for their relatives and friends.西方国家的人常在圣诞节时购买礼物给亲人和朋友。 /201511/407607

第60期:扩展国外业务I will need the original mailed to me.我要您把原件寄给我。A:I will need the original mailed to me.A:我要您把原件寄给我。B:OK. I will fax this to you today.B:好。我今天先传真一份给您。original(adj.)最初的,原始的How long will it take for mail to get here from the USA?从美国寄信到这边要多长时间?A:How long will it take for mail to get here from the USA?A:从美国寄信到这边要多长时间?B:About two weeks.B:大概要两个星期。I will be spending the summer in Britain testing the market.这个夏天我会到英国去测试市场。A:I will be spending the summer in Britain testing the market.A:这个夏天我会到英国去测试市场。B:Well,l know of a few people in England that could help you out.B:那么,在英国我还认识几个人,可以帮您忙。I can pick you up at the airport a little later than your plane arrives.在您的飞机抵达之后,要稍后我才能到机场去接您。pick sb up去接某人How are we going to recognize each other?我们彼此之间如何知道对方呢?A:How are we going to recognize each other?A:我们彼此之间如何知道对方呢?B:I will hold a sign that says your name.B:我会举一张牌子,上面写您的名字。Im wondering why not develop a foreign market.为什么我们不去开辟国外市场呢?A:Im wondering why not develop a foreign market.A:为什么我们不去开辟国外市场呢?B:I have sent market researchers to Asia.B:我已经派市场调查员去亚洲了。 /201503/364571

A newly received awardA: Philip, I was really glad to hear about your award. Congratulations!B: Thanks, Denise. Actually, I was really surprised. I mean, there were a lot of qualified people out there.A: Sure. But the work you did was really exceptional! You definitely deserved it!B: Thanks a lot. I expect to see your name nominated pretty soon, too. You’ve been doing some great work!受到表彰A:菲利普,听说你获奖我真是高兴。祝贺你!B:谢谢。荻妮丝。事实上这很使我意外。我是说,够条件的人很多。A:那倒是。但你的工作的确非常出色,当然受之无愧。B:非常感谢。我期待着很快能见到你也被提名。你也一直干得很出色。 /200706/13953

Contract the customer联系顾客A: Hello! Is Mr. Green there?A:你好!请问格林先生在么?B: Speaking. May I ask whom I am talking to?B:我就是,请问哪位?A: This is Li with Silk Company. We met last Sunday during the exhibition.A:我是丝绸公司的李。我们上个周日在展览会上见过面.B:Oh,yes. I remember your company.B:哦,是的。我记得你们公司。A:Thank you for visiting our products.I remember that you are interested in our silk products and so,could I have a meet with you this week to show you moreinformation about our products?A:谢谢您来参观我们的产品。我记得您对的丝绸产品很感兴趣。是否能在这个星期没时间见您,向您多提供一些资料呢?B:Id like to, but Im afraid that my schedule is full this week.B:我很乐意,但是恐怕这个星期没时间。A:What about next week? Is it convenient for you?A:下周呢?您是否方便?B:Amm. How about 10 a. m. on next Friday?B:下个星期五上午十点怎么样?A:Any time you say is OK.A:您说什么时间都可以?B:All right,expecting you.B:好的,期待你的到来。 /201508/393655

Talking about sportsA: Guess what, Mark?B: What? What’s up?A: Our softball team is in the finals! We’re playing the McGrath office on Saturday.B: Fantastic! I’ll be there!体育闲谈A:你猜怎么着,马克?B:怎么了?什么事?A:咱们的垒球队进入决赛了。星期六咱们对麦格拉斯公司队。B:好极了。我一定去。 /200706/13930

Lay off!闭嘴,别再讲了!lay off我们最常用的意思是“解雇”,但是lay off在口语中也经常表示“闭嘴,够了,别再说了”。如果你对某人或者对他/她所在意的事情说了些不客气的话,然后他/她说;Lay off!;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;Shut up!;、;Button your lips!;、;Zip your mouth!;。情景对白:Benjamin: I think youd better think twice over the project. It has certain risk.本杰明:我劝您再考虑一下这个项目,它存在一定的风险。Boss: Lay off! I dont need you to tell me what to do!老板:别再讲了!我不需要你告诉我怎么去做!搭配句积累:①I am the boss, and I have the final say.我是老板,我说了算。②I have my own discretion.我自有分寸。③Youve got to suffer a little to be successful.不经历风雨,怎么见虹。④OK, thats final.好的,就这么着了。单词:1. lip n. 嘴唇Wade stuck the cigarette between his lips.韦德把香烟叼在嘴里。We swallowed the chocolates in one gulp, licking our lips.我们一口吞下了巧克力,满意地咂着嘴。Stop teasing me or Ill give you a fat lip!别取笑我了,否则打烂你的嘴!2. discretion n. 判断力We are his witnesses.we count on your discretion.我们是他的人。我们相信你的判断力。This committee may want to exercise its discretion to look into those charges.这个委员会可能想行使其自行决定权来调查那些指控。School governors have the discretion to allow parents to withdraw pupils in exceptional circumstances.学校管理者有权允许家长们在特殊情况下让学生退学。 /201212/217859

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